4th Week of June Forecast--Nurturing the Soul through the Stomach

4th Week of June Forecast--Nurturing the Soul through the Stomach

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Food will be on our minds the final week of June.  We question which foods actually nurture us and which foods wax nostalgia for us (foods from our childhood that we cling to as adults).  Food safety, food security, nutrition, diet and gourmet foods grab our attention in news headlines or at dinner tables.  What exactly are we eating and what eats us?

First, we have the Sun in the sign of nurturing Cancer, then Jupiter in Cancer squares the North Node in Libra (balance and moderation) on exact on June 27th, also the day of the New Moon in Cancer.  Meanwhile, we're going to talk about food, nutrition and diet as Venus transits into chatty and analytical Gemini on June 24 and Mercury RX also transits in Gemini trining the North Node exact on June 23 and 24th.  What foods did we love as children and do those foods serve us now?

As anyone would imagine, each astrologer has his or her own take on the week's transits, but since my Sun and Mercury fall in Cancer, my gaze lands on food issues.  Are we eating too much gluten, sugar, fat, protein or are we not eating enough of something? How healthy is the food we put on our tables and feed to children? Would it be better to start our own victory gardens or return to traditional farming (cleaner than corporate organic farms)? Would refraining from high-acid and spicy foods heal our stomach complaints?

The North Node in Libra suggests  both fate and balance.  North Nodes always represent where we are heading and with some discomfort because no one likes taking leaps of faith.  Libra, the co-ruler of Venus suggests moderation, diplomacy and balancing the scales, usually involving justice and partnerships, in this case our partnership with the food industry.  Food justice comes to mind, but I also think with the Cancer Sun, New Moon and Jupiter involved, we must follow our intuition and passions in regard to pursuing healthy diets.  For instance, I have encountered people passionate about a gluten-free, vegan, raw food or whatever type of diet.  And this passion or enthusiasm certainly beats the litany of "I can't eat that because".

The sign of Cancer has deep emotions around food and nurturing as well as sympathy for people with food-related illnesses.  However, the polarity of Cancer is Capricorn/Saturn which tell us to take responsibility for our health and diet.  This could mean making an appointment with a nutrition expert, picking up nutrition magazines or visiting websites for particular diets.  This could mean adding nutritional supplements to the diet, cutting back on unhealthy foods such as sugar-laden foods (even salad dressings and canned foods).  According to the experts in the documentary Fed Up, the healthy amount of daily sugar intake is 24 milligrams and one container of yogurt with fruit & sugar contains 30+ milligrams and let's not even talk about soda.  The only sweetener that balances blood sugar is Stevia, all other sugars go straight to the liver (Jupiter) which turns it into fat.

However, eating fruit with skin on it (when possible) provides fiber which slows down the metabolic process thus giving the liver and pancreas a break.  Why am I mentioning this? Because with Jupiter in Cancer along with the New Moon and Sun in Cancer squaring the North Node and eventually Mars in Libra, food moderation appears on our plates and the results of overindulgence or addiction to sugar has expanded waistlines, not to mention added hundreds of pounds on children and adults, as well as, causing healthcare costs to skyrocket.

This brings me to the on-going tension with Mars-Uranus-Pluto in a T-Cross.  Mars opposes Uranus exact on the 25th to the 27th (the day of the Cancer New Moon).  Mars in Libra represents where we have repressed our anger and acted too diplomatic in regard to the food industry and the US Department of Agriculture (I'm talking Americans here), Uranus in Aries represents the warrior spirit of the average person and even children who are standing up for food rights at their public school cafeterias!  And Pluto in Capricorn, though retrograde, represents a transformational shift on the planet that places the power and authority back in the hands of the average person.  Now you might give three cheers, but if the everyday person isn't up to speed on proper nutrition and healthy food because they believed the hype of the industry, then we're still hanging out in perilous water.  Here comes the sharks of ignorance and helplessness.

Finally Venus in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces on June 30th just as Mercury goes Direct.  Our thoughts feel foggy at best on the last day of June, but this bodes well for getting in touch with our higher wisdom and sharing that with others.  And at least, Mercury begins its wobble in the forward direction gaining momentum the first two weeks of July.  Too many, this brings relief.

So the message I'm picking up revolves around food and self-nurturing.  It involves doing what feels right intuitively for each of us and not allowing others to sway us in the wrong direction. Diets are personal so let's not force our dietary advice on others or tell a vegan to go Paleo or a Paleo dieter to go vegan.  No food fights at the table.  Refrain from talking about food allergies at the table too and just share your love with others in a diplomatic way.  The message asks us as individuals and society to bring balance and justice to the realm of food.  And to examine our emotions around food which surprise us now. I never knew I thought that.  Remember food is not punishment and we are allowed to enjoy favorite foods in moderation. For me, that is healthy food grown organically or locally harvested.

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