Aries Ingress Charts for 2014 - Crimea and Russia

Aries Ingress Charts for 2014 - Crimea and Russia


As you may be aware, tomorrow we start the new Astrological year as the Sun moves out of the last sign in the zodiac, Pisces and into Aries. Looking at the moment of the Sun's ingress into Aries can give a taster for what may happen for any place on earth for the coming three months until the Cancer ingress heralding the start of summer. Obviously the one place on earth where there is most instability is the Crimea at the moment as Russia is claiming control over the (former) Ukrainian region.

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The ingress chart for Sevastopol in the Crimea is very unstable with the Sun in the 6th house of the ordinary worker, the military services and national defence widely conjunct to Uranus, so could there be difficulties over the rulership (Sun) of the region with unexpected revolts between military forces and the ordinary people?

Pluto the planet of transformation sits at the base of the chart just into the 3rd house of neighbouring nations, treaties, communications and voting is squared by revolutionary Uranus sitting bang on the descendant and Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven in the 9th house of international affairs. Is this a picture of a relationship dispute (descendant) over the control of land (Pluto on the IC) that gets out of hand internationally (Jupiter in 9th conjunct MC)? Mars the planet of war sits in Libra the 1st house quindecile to Uranus. Any planets on the angles normally promise a very active year and I get the feeling from this chart that power struggles, change, revolution, conflict and an international crisis may continue to affect the Crimean region.

Venus rules this chart (Libra Ascendant) and Venus sits in the 4th house of the land and territory trine to the Ascendant. It is squared by the Moon (the Midheaven ruler) held under check by a conjunction to Saturn in uncompromising Scorpio and it also makes a tricky and adjusting inconjunct to the Midheaven, so this region and it?s people (Moon) is going to be under an enforced change of rulership (Cancer Midheaven) from a powerful and uncompromising administration (Saturn in Scorpio). Venus when afflicted in an ingress chart can be a sign of war through a change in the balance of power. I see this as a distinct possibility if the position in the Crimea does not change.

The chart for Moscow in the next year is extremely similar although not as tight to the angles, as if Moscow and Russia feels any potential troubles and conflicts, but maybe not as acutely, although the conjunction between Uranus and the Sun might suggest that Russia might have to face it?s own troubles, instability and maybe unexpected terrorist action. This is also reflected through the chart?s Libran Ascendant at 13:15 degrees very closely conjunct to the fixed star Algorab at 13:26 Libra, sitting in the constellation of Corvus the crow. The crow as a bird is clever, ingenious but often seen as a bearer of bad news and Robson says this star represents ?destructiveness, malevolence, fiendishness, repulsiveness and lying, and is connected with scavenging?. This star does not have a very good reputation and sitting on the Ascendant for Moscow in the next 3 months it suggest that the Russians (Putin) will use pretty much every trick in the book to make sure that it tries to get it?s own way.

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