Astrology of: Polling stations close in Iran presidential vote

Astrology of: Polling stations close in Iran presidential vote

One of the things astrologers do, is to predict the outcome of an election and the government based upon the time the polling ends, and the moment when the winner is announced. In Iran, these times are not well known, as we can see today, with the poll stations close times being extended three times for various times, not just because there was a large turnout. There were some disturbances, and the authorities closed some stations down.

Anyway we have a time of 1830 GMT to go by. I will select Teheran as the coordinates for the chart, and I get the following chart. The ascendant is 18 Aquarius conjunct Neptune. Isn't that amazing. Neptune in Aquarius represents all that dogma that this dogma has stood for, and it is on the ascendancy in the Islamic Republic of Iran astrological chart for the 2005 election. We all knew about the Sun Mars Jupiter square, and the Venus, Mercury, Saturn stellum square North Node. All the tensions can be explained by all that. But what really makes it very interesting is the position of the Moon. It is approaching Neptune, and making a great great aspect to Uranus. So the ruler of the charts, and the ruler of the Sun sign, are able to absorb all those challenges from the Mars Node Mercury Venus Saturn and Jupiter.

By the time the result are announced in 12 hours time (I guess), the Moon will be exactly conjunct Neptune. It will be very interesting what time is chosen for that conjunction to fall. Idealy it is best to put Saturn and the stellum as soon as they enter the 7th house just after 1500 GMT which will put the Moon in the second house and Jupiter on the MC, Pluto on Asc, and Mars on IC. But we will have to wait and see, as there is far too much confusion at the moment, with the Moon passing over Neptune. If there were two days in the year, when all that idealism and dogma is strong, it is now. Did the mullahs know this, or was it prayer? Ahuramazda inside me knows.

Polling stations close in Iran presidential vote

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