Astrology of Sun in Azar or Sagittarius and Moon in Aban or Scorpio 2012.

Astrology of Sun in Azar or Sagittarius and Moon in Aban or Scorpio 2012.

Astrology of Sun in Azar or Sagittarius and Moon in Aban or Scorpio 2012.

The Moon is about to go into Aban or Scorpio. It is one of the more exciting times of the month, as it touches so many planets.

It starts off touching with Keyvan or Saturn. Many astrologers deem Saturn to be Satan. The reason is that it does make you face the hard part of your life. But in fact it is the wall of responsibilty you need to climb.

This mountain can be always there or you can learn to climb it and me the King of the mountain - your mountain. Ultimately it is your self-concept at work here. So plan your days now. Get a grip and set out a clear agenda. That is what Saturn asks. A respect to time and getting things done responsibly.

Next the Moon hits Venus tomorrow evening. Venus is in Scorpio. Matters of the heart have been prominent this past few days. Personally I have had plenty of discussions on the matter of the heart.

Let me ponder over this a bit. I will give you my own experience as it is now the time to share with Moon in Aban or Scorpio. We all have deep in our heart a love for someone. Great mystics have written about you finding that that special passion from someone else inside you. It is as if it is their heart in yours.

Yes you may carry someones heart in you. They may not even know it. They may even tell you to take a hike and hurt you. But their heart doesn't. It goes the other way as well. You might be in love and one day your hearts stop connecting. No matter how your head or logic tries to find a reason it does not matter. It has nothing to do with anything else.

You can be blind. You can be in touch with an entity from beyond. Your hearts will be in touch not your brain. Now it takes two to be in love. But you can always express your love. And most of the discussions we have had were on the idea that what do you do if the other person is not interested? The fact is that you have to express your heart. The heart wants nothing else. It is the King inside you. You cannot ignore the King.

So if you feel a roar in your heart when the Moon lines up with Venus then get the message of love out. You have to do that. They may ignore you but that is not why you sent them a message of love. You had to be honest to your heart.

There are so many times that we just do something only if we are sure that the other person will reciprocate. Yes that's fine but you have to respect the fact that their heart is already talking to your heart for all the passion to have started in the first place. The other person might not know that this is happening but if you feel it first get it out.

So this next couple of days are for serious sharing. Enjoy the passion.

This tune should drive you along:

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