Boston Marathon rocked by explosions at finish line

Boston Marathon rocked by explosions at finish line


Two explosions rocked the finish line at the Boston Marathon today. The explosions happened around 14:45 hrs, around 3 hours after the winners crossed the finishing line. The explosion has hurt many people I understand including it seems several runners. The latest death toll as I write is 2 dead and 107 injured but this is likely to rise considerably.

BostonMarathonExplosion transits

Here is the chart for the explosions. We have the Uranus Pluto square in operation, Pluto in the 5th house of sport and Uranus in the 8th house of death. Pluto, the planet of destruction makes a quindecile to the Moon representing the general population in the public 10th house. That Moon was also receiving a sextile from aggressive and explosive Mars and Sun in Aries. Mercury also in the 8th house, ruling the chart with Virgo rising was making a tense square to the Moon. This Midheaven if this chart is correct sat on the fixed star Algol sitting in the constellation of Perseus, the star representing the Medusa and the most destructive star and brutal star in the heavens, a most violent signature to the events in Boston.

Neptune the planet of confusion sits bang on the descendant sitting on the fixed star Fomalhaut. This is a connection that shows the artist of the deceiver. This is a star planet connection that has no regard for people, other than following one?s own particular dream. Saturn making a trine to Neptune and a sextile to Pluto was making this destructive dream a reality. Neptune was in the 7th house of open enemies, so one can assume this was a terrorist attack by someone shadowy and underground who had no respect for life.

USStolteChart transits

The transits to the ever reliable US Stolte chart show transiting Uranus (the chart ruler) just 0:07 degrees from an exact square to the Nodal Axis, so a shock was going to come to the US, Uranus is also now a couple of degrees off a square to the US Mars and makes a trine to the Sagittarian Midheaven so allowing an unexpected and violent act to happen.

That triple transiting conjunction Mars,Venus and Sun were square to the US natal Pluto and of course you can see transiting Pluto bang on the US Mars to within a degree. Transiting Saturn on this chart was conjunct the Mercury Saturn conjunction in the 9th house, a Saturn return at the same time receiving a nasty inconjunct from that transiting Uranus too. Transiting Jupiter sits on the US Uranus inconjunct to Mars, I would not be surprised if this was an international hit. Really interesting that transiting Sun and Moon at this point were making a virtual Yod to the natal US Sun and notice also a return Yod from the US Sun and Neptune sextile focusing in on transiting Mars and Sun conjunction ? turning points in the US nation?s history?

My thoughts go out to all the families of those victims involved?

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