Change of Fate--North Node in Libra (coming up February 19, 2014)

Change of Fate--North Node in Libra (coming up February 19, 2014)

After experiencing the North Node in Scorpio since September 2012, we will soon experience a change of fate.  Something new approaches us as we switch from a Fixed Water Sign to a Cardinal Air Sign, Libra.  You see unlike the forward motion of the planets, the North Node works in reverse so the North Node travels from Sagittarius to Scorpio and then to Libra and so on.  Also the nodes represent an axis with the South Node falling in the opposite sign, in this case, Aries.

On February 19, 2014, the North Node transits into Libra and then back into Scorpio for one day, February 23 and onward in Libra, ending that transit on November 11, 2015 when the North Node transits into Virgo (Mutable Earth Sign).  The last few times the North Node transited in Libra include 1959, 1978, and 1997.  I believe the North Node stays in the same sign for around a year and a half (please don't quote me on that).  Normally, we think of Libra as a peaceful sign bringing balance, beauty and diplomacy, but with Pluto, Uranus, Venus, Jupiter and  Mars in Cardinal signs when the North Nodes transits into Libra, another Cardinal Sign, we can expect some cosmic fireworks.

I recall Hay House author and astrologer Mark Husson giving a thorough description of Libra on his radio show Power Peak Hour that revealed the shadow side of Libra.  We must remember that all Libras carry the shadow side of the warrior Aries and all Aries carry the diplomat Libra in his or her shadow.  And I also believe that the Libra reflects the other Cardinal Signs, Cancer and Capricorn too, just not as concentrated as the actual signs.  Libra has a pushy side and I have seen that pushiness come out in my friends with this Sun Sign and Mercury Sign.  Libra also subjugates his warrior side and this comes out in passive-aggressive games--nice and charming on the outside and seething with rage underneath.  I used to meet new age followers who fit this description when I heard a low growl under the words "peace" or "have a nice day" or worst yet, "bless you!"  Some of you know what I'm saying.

Granted we all have inner rage to calm at this stage of the game because we live in an extremely toxic world and the North Node in Libra will reveal that inner rage to us in the form of fateful confrontations with other people (co-workers, partners of all kinds and even the earth itself, since Libra is the ruler of Venus and this planet represents ecology and how we live in balance on the earth).  We will experience our inner rage and our inner peace manifested in the outer world through storms (both physical and mental).  Remember Libra is an Air Sign and that involves the mental process and the actual wind.  So whether we find a way to harness wind power so that others can have sustainable and inexpensive electricity (or at no cost) or we create drama in the world via our mental process, that depends on where we fit in the evolution of our souls.

Here is the breakdown of the Cardinals from February 19 until December 31, 2014:

(Note: I'm leaving out Moon, Sun and Mercury.  Please check your planetary guides for those details)

Venus in Capricorn until March 5
Venus in in Aries May 4-29
Venus in Cancer July 19 to August 12
Venus in Libra October 1 to 24
Venus in Capricorn December 11 into 2015

Mars in Libra until July 26
Mars in Capricorn October 27 into 2015

Jupiter in Cancer until July 17

Uranus remains in Aries 
Pluto remains in Capricorn  

Dr. Loretta Standley gives one of the best descriptions of the North and South Nodes I've read on her website,
She cites that the North Node represents our cup runneth over and the South Node represents the drain.  I interpret this metaphor as the North Node represents fate and where we are heading and the South Node represents where we have already been, as far as our evolution and lessons we came here to learn. For instance we don't graduate from high school and then return to kindergarten because we fill uncomfortable facing the adult world.  Though some people seem to emotionally or mentally return to kindergarten when facing the adult world as they deal with their childhood wounds (Chiron) and reluctance to grow up, a resistance to Saturn's journey.

Those of you born with your North Node in Libra must do the work now of making peace with yourself.  You do this by recognizing your shadow side which is your South Node in Aries.  The lesson here is sometimes you have to fight for what is right in the world, but you do this with fairness and diplomacy, meaning you don't just go out in the world and start a fight because you haven't healed your wounds and repressed anger.  However, if you come from a balanced place and you feel it is your mission to get truth out in the world and to use your warrior side to protect others from various toxins and toxic practices, then this is good use of the North Node in Libra. In contrast, while Libra likes to keep things light and superficial (which will feel awkward after the North Node transited in Scorpio), we still need to scratch deep beneath the surface otherwise we stay too long at the genteel dinner party and ignore our responsibilities toward the planet.

The traps we must avoid now include passive aggressive behavior like talking about the boss behind his back instead of using a more direct approach such as confronting your boss.  Ditto for all partnerships.  What good is it to gossip about your wife or husband to your friends when this does not solve the problems you face with your partner?  No, this is a time about confronting others in a fair and just way.  We will need to clear out that repressed anger through therapy session or vigorous exercise (Aries South Node), but deal with it nonetheless.

The other trap of North Node in Libra is that people born with this node placement are not on the earth to do it all themselves.  They need to learn patience, cooperation, sharing the duties and the glory with others.  These folks know how to play the role of the warrior (South Node in Aries), they know how to start something new and act as the fearless leader, but this is not the lesson of North Node in Libra.  North Node in Libra must develop refinement and dare I say it, manners. Storming into rooms unannounced, shouting above the din so others hear you, and throwing a tantrum when people say no to you won't work any longer and in fact will harm you.

Universally with Mars staying in Libra until late July and the North Node also in Libra, I'm picking up that the peace process is long and involves much inward search for each of us.  Look for the cusp with Libra on it and this is where most of the drama or action of this North Node will play out in your life until November 2015.  Of course, you could have Libra divided into two houses depending on the degree of your cusp.  And if you were born in 1959, 1978, 1997, etc with your North Node in Libra, expect some lessons and fateful encounters to bring you and your life into balance.  Check out the bottom of Dr. Loretta Standley's webpage for Node transits.

May the North Node in Libra put wind behind your sails, but avoid the hurricanes if possible.

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