Diet & Nutrition through the Zodiac

Diet & Nutrition through the Zodiac

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Last night I received information about specific foods and qualities for the 12 Zodiac Signs.  Although I'm giving you general information, I hope you use the information as a jumping off point to improving your diet and getting the right nutrition.  As a Cancerian (Sun/Mercury), I believe that we require proper nourishment to fulfill our life mission.  

The following relates to your Sun and Moon Signs:

Aries--The hotter and spicier the better.  Here I picture two Mexican men squaring off to see who can eat the hottest pepper without losing all the water in their body through profuse sweating.  Aries, remember that eating is not an athletic event and we don't eat to sustain machismo.  5-Star Indian or Thai food and the occasional hot pepper won't hurt you when eaten in moderation, however, add some cool liquids and protein to your diet since this keeps your active body healthy.

Taurus--You're too solid as is it so lay off on the animal products.  Practice vegan or vegetarian Monday and eat meat (if at all) sparingly.  Use your green thumbs for growing your own herbs, vegetables and fruit.  Try eating more salads to keep you light on your feet.  A baked potato once in a while gives you comfort but lay off on the sour cream and cheese, if you must go with dairy, try goat cheese or plain yogurt with your potato then toss in some herbs from the garden.  While you enjoy grilling meat in the backyard, consider the carbons you release in the environment and all that fat clogging your arteries.

Gemini--You probably suffer from food allergies of one kind or another or get too analytical about the food you're eating.  I see you reading labels carefully as you grocery shop and you enjoy eating packaged and processed food so that you can read the ads on the back while you munch your cereal or crackers.

Try not to think too hard while you eat and practice mindfulness while you eat instead of multi-tasking like eating while you talk on the phone or work at your computer or eat while you drive (Aries also has this problem).  Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and less processed foods.  If it has a label on it, it's probably unhealthy for you.  Stay away from sugar and caffeine since you already bounce off the walls.

Cancer--This sign rules the breasts and the stomach.  And believe me your stomach will tell you when you have put poison in it.  Stay away from spicy food or the usual heartburn culprits.  Creamy brings you comfort but might cause an upset stomach later if you have too much stomach acid (or not enough).  Make sure you get enough minerals such as calcium and plenty of fresh produce in the diet.  Cancer is probably the most sensitive sign when it comes to diet so food allergy testing is a must and stay away from foods that irritate your digestive system.  Also don't equate food with affection or you might end up with a weight problem.  Caffeine and sugar could cause lumps in the breasts.

Leo--You like to live big and this means living royally on all-you-can-eat buffets or expensive cuisine.  Often you receive big portions with little nutritional substance.  Listen to your stomach instead of allowing your eyes to dictate what foods are best for you.  Good chance you pay too much for food because the marketer flatters your ego.  If you must eat like a king or queen, at least eat fresh organic food from a victory garden.

Virgo--You fuss too much over foods you eat and your food phobias prevent you from properly digesting foods from your narrow allowed foods list.  You get too caught up in what the media says about food and one week dairy is good for you and the next week, dairy lands on your no-no list.  Just like Gemini, you over analyze food labels.  You also prefer to eat alone and since you're a fussy eater, that's a good idea.

Virgo is a sign that rules the intestines so eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains and going vegan might just work for you.  Another option is raw foods, but don't turn into one of those fanatic raw food preachers.  Then no one will share a meal with you.  Listen to calm music while you eat, keep any conversations light and keep fear at bay while you prepare and eat your meals.

Libra--You're the reason why I'm writing this post.  I noticed that both Taurus and Libra (ruled by Venus) have a problem digesting sugar.  If you don't watch your sugar intake (stevia is best), you could end up with a weight problem or diabetes.  Libra turns to sweets when he or she feels stress or tension from trying to please others.  Libra pours icing over problems and feels that a round of chocolates solves any problem.  Deal with your problems directly and give up the sweets.  Chocolate is not a go-to therapist.

Scorpio--You are food detectives and as a Water Sign, you experience sensitivities around foods that affect your lower bowel and colon.  If there's poison in the food, you'll soon discover it and warn everyone else on social media or in person.  You are advocates for clean organic foods and you love getting your hands in the worm and composts bins.  Food is a black and white issue for you and you either place it on the good or bad list.  Whatever diet you choose, you practice it with intensity and conviction.  Stay away from militant thinking and action around food.  Make sure you get plenty of fluids so you don't feel as dry as a desert. Keep dry and hot foods at a minimum.  You're really big on tomatoes and food with sexual imagery.

Sagittarius--You'll try any kind of food at least once and you prefer foreign foods.  Similar to Aquarius you enjoy bizarre foods or cultural eating styles such as eating with your hands in the middle of a desert.  Eating insects or grub doesn't frighten you because you see that as an adventure. And just like Aries, you love spicy food, especially if it comes from far away and reminds you of world travel.  You could also be a philosopher around food listening to the various arguments around good and bad lists foods.  Yet, you don't always practice what you preach.  For instance, you might preach an organic vegan raw diet, then eat a hamburger instead.  It's not so much the food that interests you, but the philosophy or culture behind the food.

As always, don't overindulge with food or drink or you feel it in your heavy thighs and liver later.

Capricorn--Just like Virgo, you think diet and nutrition involves discipline.  You have no problem embracing eating and exercise plans.  You're also up on the latest nutrition and you love the food pyramid because eating a structured diet appeals to you.  You often deny yourself three square meals a day because you're a workaholic and don't have time to buy or prepare food.  Only when your friends tell you that you resemble a pale scarecrow do you consider eating a proper meal at a dinner table in a conversation with loved ones.   Or you have a structured life where you insists on three meals a day with everyone in the family joining you at the dinner table at 5 p.m. exact.  Whatever you choose to eat, make sure you get enough calcium and magnesium in your diet.  Eat foods that heal inflammation of joints too.

Aquarius--You promote fad diets, especially unusual fad diets that bunk mass consumer beliefs.  You're the first among your friends to go vegan or raw based on animal rights ethics or human rights.  You support fair trade and organic farms.  You're also futuristic about food and wouldn't mind taking a vitamin pill three times a day if that met all your dietary requirements.  Eating like an astronaut appeals to you also.  Tang, anyone?

Pisces--You probably do well on a seafood diet, but make sure you get enough fruits and vegetables. More than likely you are vegan since you love animals and don't eat them.  You also indulge in sweet and salty foods which are a detriment to your health.  You might down a glass or two of wine with every meal which could lead to addiction of food and drink.  Refrain from eating for emotional reasons and eat only when you truly feel hunger.  Similar to Virgo your sign has a tendency to develop food addictions and eating disorders.  Neptune tends to distort things and leave you living in denial.  If you experience an intervention from friends and medical doctors, except the treatment.  Food is never a substitute for facing challenges head on.

I am an astrologer and intuitive coach for creatives in Washington State.  Sign up for a long-distance or in-person reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.  Due to a personal crisis, I will take a short sabbatical from Whole Astrology.  I will post the September forecast shortly and then take a break.

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