Looking at the astrology of the mysterious case of Malaysia Airlines MH370

Looking at the astrology of the mysterious case of Malaysia Airlines MH370

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Nearly two weeks ago just after midnight on the 8th March 2014, the now infamous Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 set off from Kuala Lumpur International airport with 227 passengers and 12 crew on a scheduled flight bound for Beijing in China. It never arrived and the world has been transfixed by the apparent disappearance of the long distance Boeing 777. We do know that it was flying up to 8 hours after it took off because of a ping received by a satellite based over the Indian Ocean. That project the plane either on a northerly or southerly track covering an area of several million square kilometres.  On the 16th March, several more satellite pictures were received by Australian authorities and on investigation they picked up a potential debris field in the Southern Indian Ocean, a first potential vital lead. This area is being searched by planes and ships which were scrambled immediately by several nations and as I write hope is high that somewhere in this region of deep ocean 2500 km south west of Perth lies the resting place of the stricken aircraft.

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Taking the information as I have it including the last known time that it was picked up and using the coordinates given by the Australians, I have tried as best I can to put together a chart that may reflect a potential time and crash site. There are several features to the above chart which are common on the day whenever any tragedy did occur.

The main feature on the above chart of course is the t-square connecting Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter and this aspect provided the background of a potentially destructive (Pluto) and unexpected (Uranus) event that captured global (Jupiter) attention. Quite noticeably on this particular chart, Uranus at the point of this t-square was making a very focused and accident prone quindecile to retrograde Mars. Mars in retrograde shows energy and force not working properly and connected to Uranus there was always the potential for mechanical or electrical failure to occur, also for smoke or fire to cause problems which may have affected the flight.

That Mars was making a trine to the planet ruling transportation, Mercury increasing the potential for an accident involving an aircraft or other kind of vehicle. Mercury was also starting to receiving a square aspect from Saturn, the planet of loss and delays, so this double hit could go some way to explaining what happened and why it has taken so long to come to any kind of answer. The Moon on a mundane chart shows the a human and emotional element to take into the picture and the Moon in Mercury?s sign of Gemini (also ruling transport) was making 5 aspects. It was making a close sextile to Uranus potentially showing an unexpected and emotional event, three squares to the Sun, to Chiron, the planet of wounds and to the planet of mysteries and the sea, Neptune. It was also forming a difficult inconjunct aspect to the the planet of secrets and death, Pluto. This triple conjunction of the Sun, Neptune and Chiron also make 3 trine aspects to Jupiter, tying in these influences into the international and global influence that Jupiter brings.

I have had a look at the fixed stars connected to the above chart and a couple of conjunctions do rather stand out. The first saw Venus conjunct to the star Altair in the constellation of Aquila, the Eagle. Obviously we have a potential link to fast flying aircraft through this bold influence and it is noticeable that Venus was square to the Nodal Axis and Mars at the time of the disappearance, indicating a time of destiny related to issues at this time. The other aspect was even more interesting. Neptune the planet of deception and mysteries was exactly to the second conjunct to another star in the constellation of a bird, this time to the star Deneb Adige in Cygnus the Swan. Deneb Adige is a very strange, mystic and transcendental star connected with the unusual and things that cannot be normally explained , and I think the exact nature of this conjunction is significant. If we were ever to have a mystery of this sort, then I would expect something weird to occur under this particular conjunction. Two star planetary to constellations linked with birds and flying I do find strangely interesting and ironic !! There is one other connecting connected to the potential discovery by the Australians today. Mercury today has moved into conjunction range of the fixed star Sadalmelek which sits in the constellation of the water bearer Aquarius. Sadalmelek is widely know as being a star connected to fortunate events, indeed  Al Sa'd al Malik from which the name is derived in Arabic means "lucky one of the king". An opportune sighting in a sea of emptiness? I?ll let you decide on this one?

On the above chart I assume that the aircraft went down possibly 8 or so hours after it took off and if that is so, then it is possible that the final moments of the flight would have seen the Sun rising above a Pisces ascendant reflecting the weird and hidden nature of the incident and a potential link to the sea, a Sagittarian Midheaven indicating the global public concern and interest, the vital triple conjunction of Sun Neptune and Chiron in the hidden 12th house of solitude, suffering and sacrifice. Aquarius, Uranus? sign was ruling that 12th house as well bringing shocks and unusual influences to bare and Mercury lies also in this sign too. Mars is found in the 8th house of death and harsh and delaying Saturn sits in the 9th house or global affairs. Please remember that the orientation of the chart is complete speculation on my part, subject to this discovery in the Indian Ocean being correct.

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