Mali ? Rebel Islamic coup triggers international military action.

Mali ? Rebel Islamic coup triggers international military action.

taking action in Mali

A military coup in the north of Mali by Islamists back in April 2012 has now prompted France to fly in troops and aircraft into the country, one of France?s former colonies in West Africa. The French were very much afraid that if the Islamists, who already controlled many towns and settlements in the North of this Saharan country marched into Bamako, Mali?s capital then the situation might turn very ugly. President Traore of Mali asked for French assistance and air strikes to push back the Islamic advance and for the moment at least, the rebel advance towards the capital has ceased.

Mali transits

The only chart I have for Mali is one set for the independence of the country from French rule on 20th June 1960, set for midnight, however it seems to work rather well. This gives an Aries Ascendant (the country) and a Capricorn Midheaven (the leadership) both of which are under attack from rebel planet Uranus. Take this chart back to April 2012 when the initial Islamic coup took place, and Uranus was bang on the Aries Ascendant at 6 Aries. Aquarius rules the Malian 11th house of groups which is consistent with a group trying to take over the country and unseat the government. We have transiting Saturn opposing the Malian natal Moon, so hardship for the people and the population of the country, as well as those in charge taking a tough stance. Transiting Mars is also in an aggressive mood, making a square to the natal Moon, fighting over the future of the country is happening, and it also opposes natal Uranus so this fighting is against those who wish to overturn the status quo. Transiting Jupiter is square to natal Pluto bringing aid from overseas (from France) to quell the change.

That change is shown by Neptune just about to enter the 12th house and in the process opposing natal Pluto. With Pluto the transformer moving through the 10th house of the public face of Mali, Saturn changing houses and moving into the 8th house, the house of death and destruction, I think that this could be be more long standing matter than people think. Saturn in Scorpio is bringing a violent start to the change now in process, Pluto will slowly be breaking down government structures and Neptune in the 12th house will be working on a level behind the scenes to change the nature of faith in Mali. I think that in time, full Islamic rule will come to pass. This is going to be a long long transit though, accompanied by probably a lot of suffering as Neptune presides over the dissolution of old faith structures. By the time it is complete  & Neptune exits across the Ascendant into the Malian 1st house it will be 2028.


As for France, the transiting North Node has just been in contact with natal Mars and the French Midheaven, bringing this military action (Mars) out of the blue (Nodes). Notice Saturn and the North Node are both in the French 9th house of international affairs, signalling that duties abroad were going to cause them problems and will for the next couple of years at least. The Nodes are also square to the natal Pluto Uranus opposition on the French chart. Aquarius (Uranus) goes to the heart of the French psyche, this is their part of the world and their responsibility, and Pluto rules power and control as well as the French 9th house through Scorpio. They are the ones with the contacts in this crisis, and they are the ones who must react to this situation. 

Now if the French and other international countries want to go in and prevent what is starting up now, they are going to be in Mali a long time. This has visions of Afghanistan about it, in hostile desert conditions. Can the International community really stomach another drawn out conflict, this time in a new region, West Africa? The transits on the French side of things say potentially a couple of years, but once you get bogged down in a conflict how long can you throw money and resources at a problem, especially in the middle of the biggest recession the western world has seen in a long time? Much to ponder then for Monsieur Hollande and his French government?    

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