Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces

Comprehension Style: soaking it up like a sponge

Favorite Conversations: the occult or spirituality, empathizing with others, dreams and fantasies

Mercury in Pisces people can have a difficult time experiencing true mental clarity. Often times, if you have this position, it?ll seem like such a thing doesn?t really exist. Your brain operates like a sponge, which can obviously be great for absorbing certain information. But, you might not know how to control and limit just how much you absorb and when. This isn?t just pertaining to intellectual data, but the thoughts and feelings of people around you. Pisces Mercury is flooded with all of this information, but this can be your greatest gift if you learn how to ground and channel it. You have an ability to dissolve all the little rational limitations that most other people?s brains operate by and access a level of comprehension and understanding that is truly transcendent.

The downside of this can be the fact that you don?t often know what you?re thinking, as the line between what someone else?s thoughts and yours can be nonexistent at times, Pisces Mercury. Even if you can recognize these boundaries more clearly, you find yourself easily shifting your ideas and thoughts to blend in with someone else?s. You can cast a real spell in your communications, only to leave people terribly disillusioned when they realize how they?ve been manipulated. Being so tapped into others? feelings, as well as so keen on illusion, can make it all too easy for you to do this. However, the plus side is that Mercury in Pisces can make you an excellent shoulder to cry on for other people. Your sense of humor might be very subtle or even, at times, secret or hidden. It emerges in very imaginative ways, maybe as if you?re playing some character or lost in some dream world of yours. 
Famous Mercury in Pisces Minds: Johnny Cash, Chaka Khan, Elton John, Heath Ledger, Norah Jones

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