Moon conjunct Ascendant

Moon conjunct Ascendant

Madonna: Moon in Virgo conjunct Ascendant
The Moon sign tends to be a private energy that people conceal from most, except their close loved ones. That is, unless the Moon is angular. If you happen to have the Moon conjunct the Ascendant, then this is a side of yourself that?s instantly projected, to a point where it feels out of your control. Our Moon sign is something we do have little to no control over, anyway, as it rules our emotions and gut-responses. Therefore, your behavior is often very swayed by your moods and feelings. Moon rising folks are highly instinctive creatures, readily acting on the motivations and impulses of their Moon sign, with little to no forethought. It?s needless to say that this can get you into some trouble, possibly even getting you branded unstable or irrational. But, this placement can also be a great source of power for you. It?s wonderful to be able to act on your gut in the manner that you do. If you can learn to be more conscious while still going with the flow of your intuition, that Moon of yours will serve you extremely well.

Those with Moon conjunct Ascendant have an appearance that?s totally fluid and changeable. Women with this placement regularly curse their menstrual cycle, as those monthly fluctuations tend to affect their physical state and look more dramatically than other females. Both sexes will have a way of altering their appearance based on their moods. You?ll go through certain phases in your look, changing your hair or style totally based on impulse and on a more regular basis than most. With the Moon rising, your emotions will dominate your demeanor. Your reactions are written all over your face, whether you want them to be or not, and the eyes are very expressive and soulful. You can be a very complicated, moody person and people might find themselves walking on eggshells, not knowing what emotional state they?re in for. But, the tenderness and vulnerability of your Moon sign is heightened as well, with you strongly projecting either a need to nurture or be nurtured, often alternating between both.

If your 12th House Moon conjuncts the Ascendant, there is often more of a desire to hide your feelings and vulnerabilities, even if you have the paradoxical knack for wearing your heart on your sleeve. Your behavior can be extremely unconscious, with you not even being aware of the patterns you?re getting yourself into. When you learn to ?wake up?, then you can channel your emotional power as a nurturer to all in your environment. Moon in the 1st House conjunct the Ascendant will be more of a bleeding heart. There?s a quality to your persona that?s so emotionally unfiltered and up-front that it might be startling, especially if your Moon is in a more intense sign. But, the fact that you?re so honest about how you feel is something that many people will be able to appreciate.

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