Moon in the 7th House

Moon in the 7th House

The necessity of relationships is highly emphasized by the Moon in the 7th House. One reason why is because these people have an emotional need for a sense of peace and understanding in their relationships. Whatever their Moon sign sees as peaceful is something that they will seek to establish in their interactions with other people. If they are a Sagittarius Moon, then the kind of peace that will be sought will be good humor and a mutual sense of adventure and learning. However, a relationship is also needed in order to reflect their emotions back to them. The qualities we often have trouble owning are in this House. A 7th House Moon person, at least when less self-aware, will project their Moon sign on to others, especially their partners, and requires them to act out this energy for them.

Even though their partners might appear to be their opposites, those with their Moon in the 7th House are actually seeking people who are like their true inner selves. Not only do their partners bring out their Moon sign qualities in them, but they can attract friends and associates who embody this energy, as well. Therefore, people with this placement tend to be unhealthily dependent on the emotional reactions of others. They need their reactions to know how to react. However, when a 7th House Moon gains self-awareness and an independent sense of emotional functioning, then they are better able to own and express their Moon sign?s energy, with or without a partner. In doing so, then their relationships become less co-dependent and they are able to be much more of a whole entity. 

Because their Moon sign opposes their 1st House persona, these individuals are capable of achieving a remarkable sense of balance within their temperament, embodying both sides of the coin. As a result, 7th House Moons are often exceptional people persons. They know how to approach situations, especially emotionally charged ones, from dual perspectives. This ability usually makes them wonderful mediators, as long as they don?t get too caught up in the act of balancing things out. It?s important for them to know that it?s necessary to just respond sometimes without worrying about what the appropriate response will be. People with a 7th House Moon have a great instinctive sense of what people will like or not like. They tailor their responses to each individual, which allows them to get along with mostly everyone. And, at the end of the day, this is an emotional need for them. 

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