One word said ... a million words unsaid

One word said ... a million words unsaid

For so long, the intelligent Iranians, who know how incapable and stupid the Islamists' doctrine and mentality is, have said, we would get to this situation, where Russia, China Block UN Iran Statement. So it is not the Islamists, who have "divine right", to be successful in what they are pursuing. The Chinese with the backing of various big multinationals there, need cheap fuel, and the Islamists have made a deal. So that is why the Chinese have just about uttered just one word throughout this whole fiasco.

Shame on you China.

It is that simple. Now all the US government has to do, is to single out those multinationals in China, and tell them to stop indirectly supporting the Islamists in Iran, who will use the money, to buy very expensive nuclear technology, instead of anything else, which is in more need for the poor in Iran.

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