Readings and Artwork

Readings and Artwork

Dear Readers~
I'm afraid I failed to give Kerstin Zettmar credit for her "Rosen Heart" on the previous post, and if anyone is interested in her work please contact me and I will pass along the information to her. Also, it may have been confusing--I am indeed doing astrology readings! However, I'm not replying personally right now on the blog for requests for mini-readings/advice, till I finish the writing that I have set myself out to do. I'm sure you understand. ~ elizabeth

- Astrology Readings, Reports And Consultations
I am on the look out for some new clients at the moment. As you will know anyone in business including Astrologers need to attract new clients to keep going and I am now making a concerted effort to try and boost my client base.  If you are at...

- Monthly Ascendant/rising Sign Reports For April 2013
I am so sorry to announce that I am having to temporarily suspend writing my monthly Rising Sign/Ascendant reports. The reasons are very simple ? they are financial. These reports take a long time to put together and write and I literally cannot afford...

- Whole Astrology Policy And Fees
Ever so often, I receive requests for free readings or readings per trade. Due to financial and time constraints, I'm unable to respond to these requests. For any of you who have practiced or practice astrology, you know that reading a chart is not...

- The Whole Astrology Approach: My Style Of Astrological Consultation
Every astrologer has their unique themes, tools, and approach to giving astrology readings.  I'm no different. Here's my approach to consultations with clients. For Natal Chart readings I designed separate templates for children and adults. ...

- Astrology Readings
A note to Readers and those who have asked about "readings"~I am still in retreat-writing mode and am not doing readings at the moment. However if you are interested in having me save your name and email address to contact you when I do...