South Node Taurus, Moon in Taurus

South Node Taurus, Moon in Taurus

The South Node represents what we?ve come into this life with---the gifts, the wounds, the challenges. On the most basic level, the South Node is where we are comfortable because we are familiar with the territory, and with the South Node in Taurus, or with the Moon in Taurus, we know the delights of being comfortable, being sensual and sexual, having a sense of financial and emotional security, and enjoying the things in life that make it worth living. Venus rules Taurus, and this is the part of us that values the ground we stand on, our relationships, beauty, good food and drink, and loyal friends. Nothing wrong with that! And we fear not having enough of those things.

Venus is exalted in Taurus, meaning that the planetary archetype of Venus naturally and comfortably expresses itself through the lens of Taurus, and that ?she? expresses a type of ?life philosophy? that is rooted in a pragmatic and sensual understanding of life.
That is unless you?ve taken it too far. And this may be the case if your South Node is in Taurus. The South Node always represents the area that we didn?t get quite right in a former life, or earlier in this one, so we are called now to release the down side of these habits and traits. Too much emphasis on Venusian security, sensuality and relationships can hint of a touch of laziness or materiality that doesn?t leave room for the depth, painful truth, or edginess that Soul Work sometimes requires.

Have you been living in a world of denial or attempting a false security that isn?t rooted in deep truth? The South Node in Taurus speaks to the need to move away from the over-dependence on personal resources (?He who dies with the most money wins?) or continual security seeking (?This is my house and I don?t ever want to consider moving for any reason.?)

Too great a concern for the comfortable desires of Venus tends towards materialism, if not laziness, and the antidote is to move towards your Scorpio North Node. This is about a willingness to risk one?s present level of security for a deeper, truer level of security and integrity. This is where the balance is brought in by the Scorpio North Node, which continually wants to know ?what?s the emotional bottom line truth here? And what do I need to do about it??

The Moon in Taurus reflects a ?blessed? placement because the Moon relates to not only our emotional style but also our way of nurturing ourselves and others. It reflects something of the positive archetype of the Mother. Taurus nurturing is sweet, as long as mothering doesn?t become ?smothering.? The Moon in Taurus has less of the downside of the South Node here, but we still need to be continually mindful of balance!
Elizabeth Spring

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