Sun in Libra People: The Mediators - Part Two

Sun in Libra People: The Mediators - Part Two

Part One of this article:

Our Sun sign signifies who we are and where we gain our personal identity. Therefore, having the Sun in Libra is a tricky combination, as it means that you gain your personal identity from other people. Yes, this is usually the kind of person who believes, when in a relationship, that ?you complete me.? Even if they have a more independent side to their character, lonesomeness and self-reliance doesn?t suit them for very long. This doesn?t always have to translate to romantic relationships, by the way. It can also extend toward friendships and business relations. It?s all about ?the other? at the end of the day for Libra. Going at life alone just drains an essential part of their vitality.

However, because of this, you might also meet the common Libra Sun who is terrified of being single and never spends much time being partner-less in-between relationships. In fact, most Libras look back on their lives and are surprised by the fact that, since they started dating, they are rarely without a mate for long. But, the dating phase is usually the time when a Sun in Libra?s identity is sparked. Most of us start tapping into our Sun signs around the age of seven or so. Libras are usually late bloomers in this regard. They don?t start manifesting their Sun sign energy until they enter that wonderful world of romance, which typically begins for these folks right when adolescence hits. When those hormones start going, they don?t waste any time. Though they are quite cautious in many ways, when their easily-stirred heart strings are activated, Libra folks can display an impulsiveness that rivals their opposite sign, Aries. Romances easily go from zero to 60 for many of them.

Will Smith: Libra Sun/Scorpio Moon
But, again, this is ironically where their personal power is realized. The tricky thing about Libra Sun people is that they have a knack for dominating their relationships without the other person realizing that they?re dominating them. They are highly influential people. Some might say utterly manipulative. They don?t need to read that ?How to Win Friends and Influence People? book. It?s an inherent part of their nature. Libra excels so much at directing social situations, making sure everyone?s happy, and intellectually understanding where someone?s coming from that they often know how to ensure the outcome of their exchanges with people is exactly to their liking and to the other person?s liking as well. It?s a cunning form of strategy, hidden beneath an agreeable and fair exterior.

However, this is usually where Libra Sun runs into trouble with others. Many people (including myself) have issues with the ways in which they can feel totally manipulated by these folks, sometimes without even realizing it. You?re thinking that everything is alright and you end up agreeing with them. The problem is solved. Then, the moment passes and you have time to think and you say, ?Wait a minute.? By that time, they?ve already eluded you. Besides, they?re often times too nice (or, at least, put on a manner of being so nice) that it?s difficult to argue that you?ve been played. This especially is true when the Libra?s flip side comes into play and they behave as the Devil?s Advocate, stirring the pot in a situation just so that they can have the pleasure of mediating it or watching it mediate itself. And if the finger?s pointed at them, they have a slick knack for playing innocent.

Beneath all of that, though, is a deep-seated aversion to being disliked and disapproved of. Don?t let some ?I don?t care what people think? exterior fool you. They usually care a huge deal, which is why they?re so intent on steering their interpersonal exchanges to their exact advantage. They just don?t want people to dislike them, at the end of the day. So, they?ll play whatever social role they need to in order to prevent that, whether it?s the kind courtesan or, paradoxically, the rude truth-teller or anything in-between. They will be what others want them to be, sort of like Pisces. Just not in the empathic, psychic manner that Pisces does. More in a people-pleasing manner. Obviously, then, getting over what people think of them is a big hurdle for Libra Sun.

Kate Winslet: Libra Sun/Libra Moon
If they can do so, then the more mature potential of this sign makes itself known. Libra Sun has the personal power to be the Judge. Not in a harshly judgmental way. But, in a way that truly listens to everything, to both sides of the story, filters it all out, and then comes up with an objective verdict. And stands firm in that verdict, no matter what someone else has to say about it. Risking the disapproval of others is a big step for them. It?s a big step for most of us but it allows their Libra energy to evolve in wonderful ways. They will then learn to stand firm in their opinions, without wavering or vacillating, knowing that they are already acting as a counterbalance to someone else. Then, they won?t have to keep swaying back and forth. They will not be the part of the Scales that are constantly going up and down. They?ll transform into that pillar that holds the Scales of Justice and Fairness together.

Most Sun in Libra individuals can be very fixated on their appearance, mostly because they just want to present a pleasing picture to everyone else. Again, this is when they?re operating more in the people-pleaser mode. But, still, there is an innate love of beauty and style here, even with the more evolved ones. These people will find their sense of selves in learning how to access a mode of true grace and elegance. It will be in the way they dress, carry themselves, walk and talk. They?ll find their life force in beautifying themselves (the men and the women) and then presenting themselves like high-fashion runway models. However, let?s not lump them all in that category. Not every Libra will be a fashion lover. In fact, some are the total opposite. But, still, there?s an innate sophistication that they need to be in touch with in order to truly feel like themselves.

Going back to the sign?s necessity of balance, this often translates into the gender expression of these folks. I wrote in a previous article ? ?Libra, Scorpio, and Androgyny? ? how Libra is an innately androgynous sign, due to being placed in the masculine element of Air (logic and intellect) but ruled by the feminine planet of Venus (beauty and romance). Therefore, people of this Sun sign tend to defy gender norms. A lot of the men are more in touch with their feminine side. They are much less aggressive and competitive, though that side can still be present. It?s more about a genteel form of masculinity, expressing a certain soft, refined quality that produces a gentlemanly vibe. To them, real men don?t have to engage in all that bravado. And the Libra Sun females can be quite masculine. The women of this sign tend to be bossier and more domineering than the men, seeing it as their duty to direct situations with their innate clarity of mind. But, they do so in a way that?s still rather soft. It?s an understated sort of yang expression that allows them to come off as both fully female and perfectly capable of taking over the reins.

Sun in Libra, Moon in Aries: You?re one of the feistier Scales-persons in the bunch. There is a hot-headed assertiveness about you that is curiously based in fairness and logic. You don?t really want to fight, at the end of day, but if someone?s asking for it, then you rarely hesitate to throw down.

Sun in Libra, Moon in Taurus: Life is all about taking it nice and easy, for you. You?re not the kind of person who likes a lot of chaos and upheaval, so you definitely avoid the drama. The fact that you can be more indolent than three sloths put together fools people into underestimating your obstinate determination and willfulness.

Sun in Libra, Moon in Gemini: You?re one of the most easygoing people on the planet. Few people have the ability to go wherever the wind blows that you display but this can also leave you feeling scattered and dislocated very easily. You?ve got to find your center in life, as well as develop the ability to truly think for yourself.

Sun in Libra, Moon in Cancer: The best thing about you is your total concern for other people, as well as your intuitive ability to tap into just what they need and feel. The worst thing is that you often lose yourself in these caretaking, co-dependent relationship patterns. You?ll be happier when you learn to focus more on yourself.

Sun in Libra, Moon in Leo: This is probably one of the most popular luminary combinations in astrology. It seemingly defies logic for people to have any reason to dislike your warm, bubbly, sociable self. However, don?t base so much of your happiness in what other people think. Seek self-approval, first and foremost.

Sun in Libra, Moon in Virgo: Scales-persons with this blend can be a bit too judgmental, at times. You?re a very proper person, with strict ideas on how people should and shouldn?t behave, including yourself. But, learn to loosen up and not be so self-conscious. You are smart and articulate, with an ability to make excellent conversation.

Sun in Libra, Moon in Libra: The totally disarming appeal of this sign is intensified with this combination. Charm just seeps out of your pores but make sure you?re acting this way to genuinely get along with people and not to wrap them around your little finger. You?re so exceptionally good at it that even you don?t realize you?re doing it, at times.

Sun in Libra, Moon in Scorpio: People are often surprised to discover the white-hot intensity that?s smoldering beneath that calm, smooth exterior. You have a sharply intuitive knack for dealing with people and can be one of the sweetest, most loyal people alive. Until someone crosses you, that is. Then, things can get ugly.

Sun in Libra, Moon in Sagittarius: You?re a very light-hearted soul who can always find a reason to put a smile on your face or someone else?s, even when things seem bleak. You aren?t the type to tell people what they want to hear but there are usually good intentions involved. You just want them to see the other side of things.

Sun in Libra, Moon in Capricorn: Having this combination makes you someone with a cool head who doesn?t get swept away in wild, uncontrolled emotions. This is especially since you care a great deal about what people think of you and don?t want to give an impression of being anything other than perfectly reasonable and sound-minded.

Sun in Libra, Moon in Aquarius: You?re a Scales-person who?s much less likely to be swayed by other people?s thinking. In fact, it gives you a sort of perverse pleasure to oppose people?s opinions and shake things up a bit. Yet, you?re an extremely friendly soul who places strong importance on behaving in totally fair, egalitarian ways.

Sun in Libra, Moon in Pisces: An overriding knack for being whoever people want you to be can get you into trouble, not only sending out mixed signals but simply taking on a role that you?re not. But, you have a very tender-hearted concern for others and it would simply crush you to hurt or disappoint someone you care about.  

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