Syria ? A very serious situation gets even worse.

Syria ? A very serious situation gets even worse.


Heart-breaking. That?s the only word I can think of when considering what is transpiring in the country of Syria. A civil war has been raging for 2 years, many thousands on both sides have been killed including women and children, mass graves have been found and now news of chemical weapons being used. If you look at the astrology chart of Syria, one can clearly see the horrible situation that has developed.

Syria transits 

There is so much on the transits chart above, it is difficult to know where to start but I will focus on the Pluto North Node conjunction sitting in the 10th house of the rulers of the country. Pluto is the planet of absolute power and control, of brutality, death and secrecy; it is the planet in the zodiac most representative of the dictator. The fact that it sits with the North Node indicates that the destiny of this country lay in the hands of an absolute ruler, and President Assad is just that. Pluto is also the planet of transformation, and the destiny and the fabric of the country was almost going to be changed forever by the actions of such a person. So it has come to pass. That 10th house conjunction is now under severe duress by Saturn and the transiting Nodal axis converging and making a double square. Fate and karma are now coming to rest on the leadership and the awful secrets of barbaric actions those responsible will eventually (and hopefully) see justice served.

Change in my eyes is definitely coming (and I know I have said this at least once before on this blog in regard to Assad and Syria) and this is almost certainly shown through transiting Pluto which is sitting once again on Syria?s natal Sun. That Sun at 9:21 Capricorn represents the leader and surely this time he will eventually go once Pluto has completed it?s work over this degree. The last exact contact between transiting Pluto and natal Sun will be made on 28th October and surely by that point the game will be up for Assad. This will be just before the next exact square aspect between Uranus and Pluto a few days later on the 1st November. Surely the Sun representing Assad cannot survive one last exact conjunction of Pluto and and an exact square from Uranus within 4 days?? That transiting Pluto makes an inconjunct aspect to natal Pluto and the North Node indicating a shift (inconjunct) of power and control (Pluto) at the top of society (10th house) and for the destiny of Syria (North Node). This conjunction has been opposed by Jupiter starting to make a conjunction to the Midheaven, bringing the gaze of the world firmly onto this nation again. 

Now to the awful news out right now coming out of this war ravaged country. Transiting Uranus is opposite the Syrian Ascendant and square to the Midheaven showing some shocking and unpredictable events that have been occurring. The real truth is seen through transiting Neptune, the planet of gas, chemicals and noxious substances making a vicious square aspect to Mars conjunct Uranus in the 8th house of death and enforced change. Mars conjunct Uranus is violent, connected to weapons and the military and as mentioned Uranus promises shocking and even perverse events. Transiting Mars is opposing natal Mercury so information and news (Mercury) about weapons being used (Mars) is coming out now.

Neptune is also making an inconjunct to it?s own position in the hidden 12th house, the house of suffering and sacrifice. Neptune rules the 6th house of the armed services.  You will see that transiting Saturn is making an inconjunct aspect to this nasty conjunction as the same time indicating fear, outrage and loss which is going to change opinions and attitudes and Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) is on the cusp of the 4th house of the opposition to the government. The Astrology is not clear in who would have used chemical weapons, maybe both have and are just as culpable for the atrocities being reported? My personal feeling is that Assad?s forces were more likely to have used them and have had access to them. Natal Uranus, representing the rebels is receiving these aspects, it is the target of the transits here. We still have deceptive Neptune involved so will the truth come out in the fog of war? Neptune does bring confusion and counter claims and it will not be easy to prove who had them and actually used them.

On a personal note, surely the world cannot stand back any longer while innocent people are being killed in such a horrendous manner. After all doing nothing will just give other dictators carte blanche in the future to use chemical weapons elsewhere in the world against their own people, without fear of reprisal. Obama, Cameron, Putin, Xi, Hollande, Merkel and the other leaders must know it well, and for the sake of humanity they have to act to stop any more lives being lost in the same way and soon. The Astrology says that eventually they may well do so, but why have the leading nations of the world sat idly by waiting for shocking attacks like this to occur before something is actually done? It makes my heart bleed to think that they have done.

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