Thailand ? Holding it?s breath as the floods approach.

Thailand ? Holding it?s breath as the floods approach.

thai floods

Thailand has been beset by floodwaters, probably the worst of their recent history. This post was prompted by a question posed to me by one of my readers, thank you John. Bangkok now waits and hopes that the worst will pass, and so a city of 12 million people will escape personal and commercial disaster.

Thailand natal

Thailand is a constitutional monarchy ruled by King Rama XI and his firm control as head of state is confirmed by a Scorpio ascendant. Pluto likes control of all things. The Thai Sun is in Sagittarius in the 11th house so this is a link that although the monarch is head of state, government is party lead and democratic in nature. Thailand is a Sagittarian nation representing the open and outgoing nature of the country in general and the Moon in Taurus in the 4th house shows the link to the countryside. Half the population still work on the land, Taurus is the most earthy sign of all 12 in the zodiac. The Moon is trine to Mars and Neptune and Uranus is trine to the Sun, so public protest and mob action against the rulers is something that will continuously affect the country.

Everyone knows the very liberal attitude yet dark sexuality in Thailand, and with Jupiter in the 8th house of sex and secrecy at the point of a mini grand trine sextile to Pluto and the Midheaven, no wonder the country is known for a very dubious underground scene. Looking at faith,Thailand is very much a Buddhist country and the gentleness and equality of the country?s beliefs, ones that pervade throughout the country are clearly seen through Venus in the 9th house of faith in fair minded Libra conjunct the ascendant. Venus here also may contribute to the women of Thailand being very popular as foreign brides. The 9th house represents an international link.

It is interesting that Saturn does sits in Pisces? house, the 12th house associated with suffering and that there is a natal square between Uranus & Pluto, a square which is now again in operation until 2015. In this regard, I believe that the floods were very much signposted. Just look at the South Node on this chart. The South Node is a point of detriment, a point where things can go wrong. Closely conjunct to South Node is Mars and more pertinently Neptune. This conjunction makes a rather difficult inconjunct aspect to the Thai Aquarian ascendant and the conjunction sits in Virgo square to Mercury, Mercury?s Sign. Neptune is the god of the seas and of course rules water and rivers along with the sign Pisces. With Saturn sitting in the Pisces house (12th) Thailand unfortunately was always going to find problems at some point in it?s history with a water caused disaster.

Right now by transit, Saturn is making a very nasty opposition to natal Uranus and is square to natal Pluto, lighting up that destructive natal square between the two planets. This is pretty much as bad as you can get. The opposition to Uranus was exact in the first week of October when the flood risk began and the square to Pluto will be exact in the first week of November. As I write, we are near the peak of the floods, but not quite yet.

Thailand transits

Looking at the Solar Arc charts, Solar Arc Jupiter is exactly square the nodal axis, to the minute. Jupiter here accentuates the size of the problem, remember the South Node is conjunct Neptune and Mars. This is and enormous build up (Jupiter) of forceful (Mars) water, sweeping through the whole country. Notice also that Solar Arc Neptune is quindecile to the Moon, another extremely focused link to the floods affecting the population, and Solar Arc Mercury is quindecile the triple combination. Travel and communications have been horrendously disrupted by this disaster. The boat, or what ever floats has become the only way to get about. Finally Solar Arc Saturn is square the Ascendant, a clear indication of hardship and problems affecting the whole country.

Thailand Solar Arc

I hope for the Thai people that the flood barriers hold, as the destruction of Bangkok would not only be a disaster fro Thailand, but a devastating hit for the whole South East Asia region.

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