Tony Abbott sweeps to victory in Australia

Tony Abbott sweeps to victory in Australia


Tony Abbott is the new Prime Minister of Australia. In reports coming out of that country he seems to have won a large victory with his Liberal National coalition ousting the Labor party that had been in power under Juila Gillard and latterly Kevin Rudd in the past 6 years. I mentioned many months back that he might be the beneficiary of political infighting between Rudd and Gillard and that is exactly what happened. Is this a ringing endorsement of his own policies, or a backlash against the weakness and division in Labor. Let?s have a look at what the Astrology says.

Australia transits

Here?s the backdrop to the decision made by the Australian people on 7th September 2013. Change was always coming. On the morning of the election, transiting Pluto the planet of transformation was sitting almost exactly (orb 0:09 degrees) on the midpoint of Sun (the leader) and Saturn (the ruling administration) and making a trine to the chart ruler Mars. Change was coming and with transiting Uranus (ruling the Aussie Midheaven) also making a square to the natal Sun and a trine to it?s own position and to Venus ruling the money supply and relations with other countries and peoples, change at a rapid and decisive pace. Two of the main planks of Tony Abbott?s election drive were highlighted by Venus and her signs, firstly to sort out the economy (2nd house ruled by Taurus) and secondly to stop the flow of illegal boat people entering Australia (7th ruled by Libra). Transiting Neptune over the past year or two has been square to the Nodal Axis bringing confusion and drift to the destiny of the country and with transiting Saturn making a sextile to the Sun Saturn conjunction, it almost seemed as if the planets were urging more stable government and administration. That is what the Australian people in their vote have delivered.

TonyAbbott transits

The birth details I have about Tony Abbott come courtesy of eminent Australian Astrologer Ed Tamplin who has two sources for him being born at 4am in London on 4th November 1957. Tony seems to have been the right guy in the right place at the right time so far as Australia is concerned and with the lucky North Node having recently passed over his Sun/North Node conjunction, one which always favours a good and prosperous life, he has had fortune and luck on his side, indeed look at the position of Jupiter, the most elevated transiting planet at the moment in his chart having just entered his 10th house. With this kind of backing, he could have entered a nag in the Melbourne Cup horse race and won at a canter. His life is indeed changing shown by transiting Pluto making a close square to his Libran Ascendant and Uranus opposing from the 7th.

Now with his Midheaven at 11:56 Cancer, Pluto still has to make three more oppositions to the career point on his chart and with Uranus coming back to make a final square too before settling down into his 7th house. That does sound quite a tricky set of aspects to endure and I wonder if dealing with coalition partners is going to be easy, I think things might get a bit fraught early on in his premiership from time to time. Nevertheless, Tony does have Pluto making an empowering sextile to his Scorpio Sun from next December onwards and through 2014 and this may strengthen his hand in the job as Aussie PM. Pluto and Uranus finally finish their work on his Midheaven in November 2014 and a year and a half from now, assuming he has survived this first rather rough period, the transits against his chart seem to settle down quite nicely. I think he will have little to fear come 2015, especially as Australia herself will have finally seen through the nasty Pluto conjunction to her natal Sun.

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