Venus and Mars Transits for May: Reflected in the Other

Venus and Mars Transits for May: Reflected in the Other

Since May appears as a calmer passage than previous months, I have found little to write about and post here.  Then yesterday I watched astrologer Veerle's May forecasts and she inspired me with her explanation of this month's Venus and Mars transits. Venus conjuncts Uranus in Aries on the 15th and 16 forming a one degree orb square with Pluto.  Venus also opposes Mars on May 11th and 12th exact which will send interesting sparks flying in all directions.  Also in May, Mars finally goes stationary Direct finally moving forward on June 2nd and 3rd when Mars moves to 10 degrees Libra.

Now, since Taurus rules the first three weeks in May, we feel Venus' energy strongly, if not powerfully.  Talk of the Divine Feminine sweetly falls from our lips, but Venus is in the sign of Mars (Aries) so we could be looking at an Amazon warrior type and not the demure Libra girl next door.  Mars in Venus' sign (Libra) reminds of the man who messed up in a relationship and he's using all of his charm to get back on good terms with his woman.  This could also represent men making peace with their feminine psyche.  Remember we all balance yin and yang.  We are all feminine and masculine.  The lesson here is that women must step up to the plate and call a spade a spade.  She must demand her rights when others don't see the Divine in her and treat her with disrespect.  I don't know where Aretha Franklin (an Aries) has her Venus, but when she sings "Respect" she embodies Venus in Aries.  

The late Marcello Mastroianni embodied Mars in Libra.  His Sun was also in Libra.  Remember the scenes with his raging girlfriend in La Dolce Vita? While she railed against the character also named Marcello (I believe Fellini preferred that name), he oozed insincere charm to make peace. His real issues were with his philandering father and long-suffering mother.  Sadly, Marcello never balances his masculine and feminine, thus joining a life of debauchery which to the elite in that movie represented the sweet life (another Venus theme).  But let's get back to the transits...

Astrologer Veerle mentioned the Venus transit interacting with the on-going Uranus-Pluto square.  She saw this as us claiming our independence and choosing to empower ourselves by living authentic lives.  I have heard other astrologers mention this theme too.  She goes into great detail so you'll find her video at the end of this post.  I think the equality we seek is with the masculine-feminine energies. I believe that relationships where the couple doesn't share equally will end now.  Any relationship where the partners disrespect each other will end now. Of course, Mars in Libra does suggest couple counseling and this might save a partnership.  However, Venus in Aries suggests that women will appear more demanding and if they feel fulfilled outside the partnership, they'll most likely show their partner the door.  "Hit the road, Jack" comes to mind.  If men use charm to get their way now, it won't suffice. Women demand equality more than ever and some will achieve this mission.

The lesson with Mars in Libra and Venus in Aries also revolves around exploring our opposite side.  Women are more able to make executive decisions now, demand their rights, organize their lives and empower themselves by following their passion.  Men might feel like developing their feminine side by honing intuition, nurturing some being and explore feminine arts such as cooking.  This brings up the question why is cooking seen like a housewife's work when a woman cooks, but when a man cooks dinner, he becomes an automatic chef? Okay, out with these double standards.  Cooking is cooking no matter who boils the vegetables.  Although, some men look sexy wearing an apron, but if you give a man a mop he ends up resembling a janitor (not that there's anything wrong with janitors).  Now is a time to examine protocol, the acceptable and the unacceptable. Let's examine our perceptions and perspectives.

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Now, I don't have an ax to grind with men.  I've met balanced and conscientious men in my life time.  They usually hang out in new age or spiritual settings or in the arts.  I'm fortunate to have worked in the arts and to have been a member of spiritual communities.  These men are in touch with their Venus side and sometimes neglect unfortunately their Mars side which comes through in a shadow of repressed rage. 

With musicians this comes out sounding like screechy guitars and shouting vocals. Or the man could show one sensitive face in public but in private criticize his partner or hurl emotional abuse.  The men who exude the most charm in public come with a caution sign taped to their foreheads.  We all have a shadow and I believe Venus and Mars transits especially with aspects to Pluto or Uranus bring out those shadows.  We walk in a world of shadows and projections; our own and everyone else'. 

So to end this post, I leave you with Veerle's May 2014 forecast for Pisces.  I encourage you to head over to YouTube and watch her video for your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign.  She also has series on the outer planets worth checking out.  I enjoy her delivery style so you'll be seeing more references to Veerle on Whole Astrology.  In the meantime, the assignment for this week is to become more conscious of Venus and Mars energies.  We don't call them personal planets for nothing.  

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