An Islamic state within Iran, votes for its own Islamists, and is a nuclear threat

An Islamic state within Iran, votes for its own Islamists, and is a nuclear threat

It is so obvious. Last week the US President came out and enticed the Iranian patriotism to vote. This time it is the EU, and its nuclear comments. With the Islamists now in complete control over the election, the most die hard faction, headed by Dr Ahmadinejad, is hell bent on using any tool, to whip up nationalism to bolster his Islamic non nationalistic views. What a hypocrite.

Religious zealots advocate their own utopia, but in reality use nationalism, to get people to become slaves. Politicians try to do it too, but in the extreme cases, like the present Evangelical President of the United States, the people do manage to realise what the politician is doing, and there are open outcries.

Did astrology, or does astrology have an explanation for all this sensitivity towards home grown nationalism, that has forced the policiticans and relgious zealots to press than nationalism button. Even in EU, we are seeing how, home grown nationalism, is creating strains in EU's expansion policies, and so many countries voted against the new constitution. Well yes there is an astrological correlation. Saturn's movement through the sign Cancer, has made a lot people very sensitive about their home, the past, and the way they live now. But that is about to change as Saturn will move into Leo.

So what about the current situation? See how the shrewd politicians or religious zealots in Iran, will push that nationalism button, when they are elected to take care of the economy. They will divert people attention, with comments about nuclear capabilities.

Can someone tell these Islamist lunatics; that go on about their God and their methods of 'saving the earth', why they are pouring all the money from Iran's oil wells, down down bunkers in Natanz, without one penny going for a hospital, school, or anything overground, for the residents of Natanz or anywhere else in Iran for that matter? Dr Ahamadinejad, and Mr Rafsanjani, what sort of a conscious do you have in taking all that money in the pretext of national defence, when it could be better spent on the welfare of the people. Moreover, you both are hypocrites in criticising the Shahanshah 26 years ago. Now you are doing it. What a bunch of useless idiots, you both and the people who follow you down the bunkers, are.

Everyone in Iran, and the world knows, that you have created an Islamic state within Iran. The true Iranians tried very hard to change you, and make you comply, but you both are taking the wealth of Iran, and wasting it on rediculous schemes, that the people do not need. What is funny is that you have presented Iran as a threat to the world. You have made Iran a pariah state. Internally, you both even have taken Iranians, and converted to be Islamists, and to blow themselves up, in the name of foreign beliefs. You both know that Iranians have a peaceful non violent side, and you both have take advantge of that. Leave the Iranian people alone, or better still leave Iran, and practice your warmongering belief system outside Iran.

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