Unelected President of Iran puts Islam above the will of the people

Unelected President of Iran puts Islam above the will of the people

Officially 17,248,782 Iranians out of total 27,959,253 voted for Ahmadinejad. Lest not forget that Iran has close to 50,000,000 eligable voters. So a mere 35% of the people voted for him. What is good though, is the fact that the die-hard Islamists are split. Democracy has managed to split Islam in Iran. In fact, if the people of Iran had been given the choice of Rafsanjani and Ahmadinejad, as the only candidates, in round one, then no one would have bothered to vote.

With this knowledge, Ahmadinejad knows he has no real backing. He has just his crowd of basij, that he knew he had. Big deal. The great news is that Iranians all know that the basij are ruling. Every young heart in Iran knows that his 10,000 year old country is being run by a bunch of religious upstarts, who have burnt all of Iran's books and art in the past 1400 years, and think they can pull the wool over their eyes again. Never. No fear. The Islamist is in his ivory tower now, and the people of Iran will watch over him. No longer, will you be able to be get away with mischief, Mr Ahmadinejad.

With this situation, poor old Ahmadinejad is desperate. He knows that he has no mandate. He only has a third of the vote. And the world knows that his election was a sham. Already foreign countries are ignoring his representatives. No one takes him seriously. So now he has to resort to ideological statements about his dogma. He presses his religious button. Today he has finally broken his silence, and spoken about Iran becoming a role model for his dogma. Little does he know, that most of the people of Iran, the other two thirds of the population, consider Iran and its heritage, much more important than Islam.

Ask any Iranian, which is more important, Persepolis or Qom? And without a second breath, they will tell you that it is Persepolis. Ask any Iranian which is more important, the tomb of Cyrus the Great, or the shrine of some shiite imam, and they will curse at you for daring to compare Cyrus to anyone.

Mr Ahmadinejad, you are a loser before you have even begun. You do not even know, what you said in your own so called election. You criticised that other islamic bafoon Rafsanjani, about how he has been siphoning the oil money, and yet you go on about bolstering your 'islamic army', with the oil money, now that you are the new boss. You got the naive ear of Iranian basij, who are going to see through you now as well, that you are going to take the taxes and oil revenue, and give it to your friends in the army. How predictable and pathetic.

Mr Ahmadinejad the only hope for your survival is for the US President to pick on you and Iranian nationalism. That way the socialists in the world might take pity on you. But more importantly, if the US President does that, then the people of Iran are forced to put up with you, even though you are totally incapable of doing anything. If the world ignores you, then the people of Iran will slowly create the foundation for a national peaceful strike, so that you cannot force the people of Iran to be slaves to your dogma. The other thing you can do of course is to start a war on your own, which you could try, but your army of basij are the only people you can rely on, as the sons of Zoroaster and Cyrus will ignore you.

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