Desperate theocrats resort to Iranian Nationalism with Nuclear Intransigence

Desperate theocrats resort to Iranian Nationalism with Nuclear Intransigence

To any non moslem Iranian, or to any non fanatical Iranian moslem, it is very obvious, that there can be peaceful use of nuclear energy. The Shahanshah of Iran, made sure Iran would be, a well respected signatory of the Non Proliferation Treaty. Never did Iranians ever think, that their country would be treated, with so much distrust and disrespect. Why is it that, Iran has to be the only country, that breaks international law?

It really does not take a rocket scientist, to figure out how we Iranians, managed to be regarded with so much suspicion. It is not that our scientists, are all mad and want to create WWIII. There are a lot of stories, about the resistance the nuclear scientists, towards nuclear enrichment. The theocrats and their henchmen haunt the scientists, and force them to carry out nuclear research, that is clearly illegal.

But why are the theocrats, doing all this. They are desperate. No longer do their Islamic slogans, mean anything to Iranians. Iranians view the theocrats as aliens from Najaf and Karbela. All Iranians, want the mullahs to go back to where they came from, 1400 years ago. So the theocrats are forced to appeal to the feelings of nationalism, that Iranian now hold so dear to their hearts. Khomeini is turning in his grave, as he sees his descendants use Iranian nationalism, instead of Islam.

Having nuclear power, is a national right for Iranians. But the Iranian people, want to have the nuclear power, as bonafide members of the international community, not as rogues and renegades of some Islamic dogma. Iranians are Iranians first, not moslems, and that is where the theocrats have lost their moral prerogative. Over centuries, invaders have always been absorbed by Iranian nationalism, and these islamist theocrats are no different.

No Iranian, will ever want to do anything, that is against international law. Every Iranian, is then very embarrassed, to see his country represented, by illegally elected people such as Ahmadinejad, who do not represent the people of Iran. And the world knows, that Ahmadinejad is not of the people of Iran. So any proposal his henchmen make, will not be greeted with iota of respect.

This is all very good news, as everyone in the world will be able to surround, and see these barbaric rulers of Iran, and witness their decisions. Just like Saddam was cornered, so will Ahmadinejad and his cronies will be cornered. The big difference between the two nations, is that the people of Iran are slowly preparing for a series of national strikes, that will paralyse Ahamdinejad's Iran.

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