Anti-nationalistic Islamists taking refuge in Iran's centrifuges

Anti-nationalistic Islamists taking refuge in Iran's centrifuges

I almost thought, that we had complete unity amongst all Iranians, in out of Iran, once again. Once again I say, because the last time, all Iranians; be they die-hard mullahs; or racey fun loving beech bummers in Malibu; every Iranian, was united against National Geographic, against its description of Persian Gulf as Arabian Gulf. Never mind that now everyone calls it Gulf, but can you remember how wonderful it was then. Every one agreed, it is Persian Gulf and not Arabian Gulf.

Now it seems that, the right to enrich uranium, has united all Iranians. Even the most die-hard mullah hater, who suspects, or even knows, that the mullahs are going to make the Iranian Atom Bomb, feels proud. We read the newswires, and we all cheer at all the recent achievements of Iranians; from the success of Iranian footballers to the scientists in Isfahan UCF. Iranians feel proud and united. We can face the other people of the world and say, "hey, we did it on our own".

Now let me pour some cold reality over all this. The people of Iran have more oil and gas than anyone else in the world. Are we all running around in Rolls Royces? Are most of the kids in Iran healthy? Are all the newly graduated students and those others that have been unemployed likely to stay in Iran, if the United States government gave them free entry to USA?

Islamist Ahmadinejad himself, more than anyone else, has complained about the misuse of funds from the oil revenue in Iran. Like Khomeini he used that political angle to gain power. Now he goes up on the podium and tells the world that Iranians should carry on with the nuclear program. How much money do you think has been wasted on getting centrifuges illegally. Even Islamist Khamanei has referred to how he an his cronies had to use "indigenous efforts" to get nuclear technology. How much more money did the Iranian nation have to pay for this on the black market to folks like AQ Khan?

But what is really hilarious, is the fact that the Islamists no longer can use any Islamic ideology to promote their brand of politics. They have to seek refuge in centrifuges. We are told that they are Iranian centrifuges. Never mind how much money that could have been spent on other projects, that went towards thousands of these very expensive machines. This success has caught the eye of the Lebanese commentators, and Iranian centrifuges are now the pride of Islam (including Syria, and the Hizbollah).

As an Iranian nation we all want to be proud. We all want to be part of the world nations. We do not want to become another North Korea do we? But we have people with guns who rule over us, who pretend to be Iranians, and misrepresent us. The poor kid going through the rubbish bins is not very happy is he, now that suddenly we have loads of UF6.

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