The Iranian Conscientious Objector

The Iranian Conscientious Objector


War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today.

Do we in present day Iran, have that attitude? Can the people of Iran, understand and isolate, the Islamist regime in Iran; that justifies its existence, by creating unjustified fear?

These are questions, that the people of Iran need to ask themselves, when they listen to the empty rhetoric, that the xenophobic autocrats of Qom, preach everyday to the secular Iranians.

It all started, when as any nation wanting to preserve its natural resources, the Shahanshah of Iran, decided to develop the nuclear power industry of Iran. No one suspected then; that the Iranian scientists, were going to be forced to work, on a world threatening nuclear bomb. No one ever worried, about the income of oil being squandered, to develop a nuclear bomb, in the name of the 12th Shiite Imam.

And today the secular Iranians, show exactly the same reaction, to the nuclear industry. The people of Iran, do not want to be regarded, as a threat to the world. The secular Iranians, are disgusted by the rogue Islamists, that have siphoned the oil revenue, to produce their Shiite nuclear bomb. So why is it then, that the Iranian media, or the Iranian press, both inside and outside Iran, do not emphasize this?

I am totally ashamed of any Iranian, that thinks in terms of a nuclear bomb. But I am really really disgusted of any Iranian, that does not act to show; that he or she is against war, or more to the point - that he or she does not deny the slightest step, towards any suspicious maneuvers towards war. There is no national pride by having a nuclear warhead. There is no pride in trying to be a "super power". A country is a super power, when there is no poverty or illiteracy.

The writers of Iran, must stress the need, to show peaceful signs, against any moves by the rulers of Iran, that make Iran appear threatening, to other nations of the world. Any moves by the Islamist vigilantes, to suppress the peaceful signs, will be a clear signal, that they wish to destroy, the peaceful attitudes of secular non-fanatical Iranians.

But what sort of signs can the people show, that will not be stopped by the Islamists? Well, we can show white flags from our windows? Can the people of Iran, give the world, a clear signal, that they are really for peace? Can the people of Iran, really feel, that they do not feel threatened by any country? Of course we can. It is just that, the unelected alien Islamist autocrats, are misrepresenting Iran. So I call all the people of Iran, to show a piece of white cloth, from their window.

But I am a nobody, and no one will understand this. The people of Iran, will not immediately, put a bright piece of white cloth, outside their window, and avoid war. They will, carry on watching the dark void of the black flags of the alien Islamists, that pretend to be representatives of Iranians, to the outside world, until that distant day, that they bring us closer to war.

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