Right question, but wrong answers Mr Perle

Right question, but wrong answers Mr Perle

In his article Why Did Bush Blink on Iran? (Ask Condi): he asks
"How is it that Bush, who vowed that on his watch 'the worst weapons will not fall into the worst hands,' has chosen to beat such an ignominious retreat?"
But the answer he gives is wrong.

Fact is that the US President used Iran's Islamist regime to scare the folks in USA to vote for him. Fact is that his Islamist counterpart did exactly the same. It is as if they were both prepared for the part by some other entity, and like bridge partners, played into each other's hand.

The future of this sorry this situation, is that the US President will use the so called nuclear threat of the Islamist Regime in Iran, to whip up support for himself as much as possible, as his popularity slides with the intelligensia. His Islamist counterpart has managed to use the same populist rant, and has attracted only the illiterate masses.

I always thought that President Carter was not too pleased Iran being the "Island of Stability", with a strong culture. The US wanted to be prominent in the area, and Iran was getting too big and powerful. The Israelis and the Arabs thought of a nuclear Shah as a threat. So the Shah was painted as a demon, and the secular Iranian opposition was never allowed to be prominent in the world press. Islamist narrow minded attitudes were deemed to be more appropriate for Iran's image. And so Iran has been the dark ages for 27 years.

The last thing the world wanted was another self-sufficient economic giant to deal with. The Shah had plans to surpass Japan, and make Iran energy self-sufficient. But not by using nuclear. The most powerful resource Iran has, is its gas. Gas powered electricity plants would make Iran the centre of the new world. Petrochemicals would make more oil derivatives. No more just selling the raw materials. Iran would be in the forefront of world investment and technology.

With this threat now gone, the US and other first world economies, would hope that the people of Iran will remain obedient to this theocracy. Truth is that the US can make life really miserable for the Islamists, just like it did for the Shah. The US Treasury has just to look at the companies that trade with both Islamists and the US and warn them. A threat of blockade of the those companies to trade in US, will scare them from dealing with the Islamists. If there was a choice between US and Iran, most companies would drop Iran. So no UN is needed, and this whole nuclear thing will look like a farce.

So why isn't the US doing that if it that easy? Because the Iran of the future will consist of 5 million very intelligent, rich Iranians that will bring all their resources and contacts to Iran - most of it from US. There is something like $600 billion of Iranian wealth abroad? Can you imagine what that will do for Iran? More importantly can you imagine what that will do to the US? If I were a mullah and really wanted to hurt the US, I would make it easy for Iranians to come home.

So Mr Perle, like many Americans, you cannot apologise, and state:
"No U.S. administration since 1979 has had a serious political strategy regarding Iran."
The US has had a strategy to keep the Iranian nation under duress, and the mullah are the best people to do it for them.

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