Kissinger's Iran nuke alert

Kissinger's Iran nuke alert

Henry Kissinger was paranoid about the late Shah, when Iran was modernizing at the speed of light in the seventies. He and a number of other people in the Middle East were very worried about a strong Iran. They needed someone to help Iran self destruct, and Khomeini was a great choice. It has worked so well for them. But they are getting worried again. So he is doing it again, now that the Iranian people have managed to regain their strength, and are about to get rid of the mullah. Of course he picks on the nuclear threat, just like he did then. But the truth is that the economic might of Iran is more of a threat.

It is the people of Iran that have fought long and hard to bring Iran up. They had to fight Carter's theocrats first. Carter's theocrats have had to be reasoned with from day one, but they quickly created the Persian Gulf war. The people and the infrastructure of Iran nearly crumbled, but the people built it again. The theocrats tried so hard to stop development, but the industrialists in Iran somehow managed to wrestle with the theocrats. And now the people of Iran are about to get rid of the theocrats, and people like Kissinger are getting worried. Kissinger would love to destroy Iran for any reason he can think of. But he cannot find anyone else worse than the mullah for Iran, and the people will get rid of the mullah soon.

The world said nothing of Iran when it was just a pariah state under the mullahs. But because it is building gas pipelines, fueling China and India, and moving toward the Euro, people like Henry Kissinger are getting afraid again.

Kissinger's Iran nuke alert

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