Theocrats scaring people to vote in Iran's fiasco election, fearing people's right to boycott

Theocrats scaring people to vote in Iran's fiasco election, fearing people's right to boycott

Having a democratic right, does not mean that you have to vote. It means you have a right to choose. By giving the people of Iran the freedom to express themselves, the theocrats in Iran have to realise, that the people of Iran will use that right wisely, and throw the ballot paper back in the face the theocrats. The people of Iran know of better people, than those being offered by the theocrats. Not voting is right, and it gives respect and dignity to all Iranians, that feel insulted by the theocrats. And the theocrats know this. They should not have had any elections. So maybe there will be a coup. A coup will truly reflect the power of the theocrats. But even a coup will be short lived. So the mullah is desperate.

In a desperate attempt to shore up support, and fear of losing their grip, the theocracy have decided to remind Iranians, who despise the theocracy, that life could be a lot worse. The people are being told, that they have two choices, when they actually they have three choices. The power of the people is in the third choice. One simple way of coming to that conclusion, is if the unelected Guardian Council; had only allowed Rafsanjani and Ahmadinejad, to have been the only choice in the first round; there would have been silence in the streets in the first round. We all know that the US President helped people to come out and vote. It is only a trivial matter for Iranians, to see through this election fiasco, and use their democratic right not to vote. This time the power of the third choice in Iran's democracy will be evident. You made a big mistake when you allowed the people of Iran to express themselves theocrat. Listen to the apathy.

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