Iran cleric resigns post as fiasco over vote-fixing grows

Iran cleric resigns post as fiasco over vote-fixing grows

It seems that the surprise turnout, percipitated by the US President, has managed to create the desired effect of internal strife within the mullah oligarchy. Ayatollah is fighting ayatollah publically. What an embarrassment eh?

As mentioned before the astrological forces are enough to force divisions from within. As such no supporter of Karubi is going to vote. This is a blow to the illegal, biased and very primitive Islamic election system. The threat of apathy still reigns supreme over the theocrats who now think that their so called democracy is perfect.

Little do they know that democracy deals with realism, and has nothing in common with any form of idealism, especially religious ones. The people of Iran have shown to themselves their own presence. This has excited many. In this holiday time of the year, the youth in Iran will be a lot more excited and will use any public event to express themselves. Even the loyal 5 million basij paramilitary die-hard relgious families, will have a very hard time to hold the reigns over their childerns' new found field of expression in the next week. The Moon is full and the energy will drive the people out to express themselves. Watch out mullah!

Iran cleric resigns post as fiasco over vote-fixing grows

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