Dream on Khamenei - why no one will vote in Iran.

Dream on Khamenei - why no one will vote in Iran.

Ali Khamanei thinks that he can scare the people of Iran to vote. What he does not realise is that the people of Iran have been waiting for this moment in their history, to give the clerical establishment a resounding no vote. The people of Iran cannot, and will not go into the streets to be confronted by the largest civilian force, funded by the clerical establisment (known as Basij). 70 million Iranians will stay at home in peace, and just ignore the theocracy. Once this is done, then the whole world will know that Iranians have truly been subjucated by this unholy dreadful theocracy. Iranian virtues are deeply rooted in the same Human Rights principles that Cyrus the Great used, when he released the Jews from their misery in 559 BC. The sons of Zoroaster and Cyrus will never be black mailed to vote. They will only vote when there are non islamic choices as well. Iran is older than any religion or philosophy, and the people deserve a better choice. The islamic theocrats are not the best Iran has to offer. The people will vote, when they have been able to paralyse the country, with a series of non violent national strikes. Passive resistance is the only way the theocracy will be destroyed peacefully and without blooshed. Your time is up Mr Khamanei. You have killed a lot of people to stay in power, and by Grace of Ahuramazda the people of Iran will not only win over you, but will grasp long term peace for all Iranians, including yourself, under a better moral order. Rest assured that you will have time to repent and reflect upon your misdeeds. The non violent national resistance movement of Iran will not allow you to die, and use your religious propaganda and dogma, to show off that you are going to be a martyr. You will have to learn to live, and learn to experience the trial and tribulations of Life. Life takes care of Life, and it will take care of you and people who think like you.

Iran's Khamenei urges big turnout to confound enemies

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