U.S. might fund Iran dissidents

U.S. might fund Iran dissidents

First the US President goes to EU and pretends to befriend them, only to weaken their case against the neocon theocrats, in front of the Iranian people. Suddenly the neocon theocrats have the upper hand against the more pragmatic ones that were moving towards the new multipolar world the EU, Russia and China were creating. There is a division within the theocracy, and this act only helped the neocon theocrats.

Now we hear that the US wants to give money to the dissidents. The only thing the people of Iran want; is for the world press to ask the theocrats, how they would be able to resist a National Strike, as and when it happens. The United States, must be ready to supply food and aid to Iran, if the people of Iran do decide to stage hunger strikes against the theocracy.

U.S. might fund Iran dissidents

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