Rafsanjani mentions the Shah

Rafsanjani mentions the Shah

One day Rafsanjani pops into the Shah's office and looks through his drawers and finds documents on Nuclear Energy and Atomic bombs. He then sees all the agreements that the Shah has made regarding Non-Proliferation. Not understanding the word proliferation, he looks it up. Then he realises, in his mind, where the Shah had gone wrong. He says to himself, "you see, if the Shah really knew how to use the nuclear energy, then he would not have been messed around with by USA".

But folks we all know that even Rafsanjani has come to his senses, when he states,
"If the Shah is in Iran, you would give him nuclear technology, but if Imam (Khomeini) is in Iran, you can't do that... the history of nuclear energy in Iran is a lesson in contradictions in Western policy towards Iran".
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