A message for Israel, as it urges harder line toward Iran after poll

A message for Israel, as it urges harder line toward Iran after poll

One of the oldest bones of contention I have with Israelis, is their paranoia, and their gross generalisations. Just look at this statement by their Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom:

"Faced with the Iranian nuclear threat, the international community must, more than before, formulate a unified and stern policy toward Iran."

and then he states:

"Furthermore, the results prove once again that Iran is (moving) toward more radicalism and activism rather than toward reform and reconciliation."

Surely, you can't say both. Surely, the fact that the elections were a sham, shows that these ultra-conservative Islamist, are not truly representative of the Iranian people. So why can't, the Foreign Minister of Israel, be a little more careful. At least, if you are going to make a comment, be precise like Rumsfeld, and address the phoney Islamist President Ahmadinejad directly.

This is not the first time, and it won't be the last time, as Israel will think, that the whole of Iran population feels the same way about Israel, as the phoney President of Islamic Repubilc of Iran and his cronies. If you were more careful Mr Shalom, then maybe the people of Iran will not generalise your policies. Be careful. The Iranian people want to be a peaceful member of the world nations, even though they have been besieged by theocrats.

Israel urges harder line toward Iran after poll

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