Aquarian as US Republican VP Sarah Palin

Aquarian as US Republican VP Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin profile: Former beauty queen was an unlikely choice - Telegraph:
"Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, nicknamed 'Sarah Barracuda' for her youthful athletic prowess, is such an unlikely choice for vice-presidential running mate that her telephone number is still listed in the Wasilla phone book."

And it is so good to see that this Aquarian is born on the same date (different year) as the Islamic Republic of Iran. So thank goodness we have a woman who will be able to take no crap from the Seyyeds. There is a good Mars Saturn Sun stellum there, plus Jupiter and Venus in Aries to have her independence. There is a lot more to this. But I say, well done McCain, you've got the energy to do whatever you want now. Go for it!

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