Stars will rip apart the Islamic Republic of Iran

Stars will rip apart the Islamic Republic of Iran

One of the easiest ways to predict the future for someone is to look at the position of the planets on their birthday for that year. To predict the future just for this year for the Islamic Republic one needs to first of all find the appropriate date. Ask anyone, and they will tell you that it started on 11/02/1979 or 22nd of Bahman (Aquarius).

So if you go and put the date for this year, you will see if the aspects are mostly good or bad. Personally I do not like this regime, so every year I have done this, it has not really given me much to say. But this year it has. Oh boy have the Seyyeds in Iran got it coming. Of course I am a bit biased, but the aspects are mathematical, and have nothing to do with me per se.

The most obvious phenomenon taking place right now is the movement of Saturn through the sign of Leo. It has never done this whilst the mad mullahs have been around. It is right now as I write 22 degrees Leo and by the time the Sun gets to 11/02/1979 it will still be at that degree - a tiny bit less, and it makes the fantastic opposition to the birthday. Neptune is there too getting a nice dose of Saturn. Saturn is that force of Karma that will bring around all the retributions and justice to the party concerned if they have been out of line. And that is what will sort these monsters out.

But to really top it off it the fact that the Moon is also squaring both Saturn and Sun. If it is lucky Jupiter we need to look at to see if there is the slightest bit of good fortune for these weirdo, not a drop. Jupiter is making a nice square to Mercury, Venus, North Node and Uranus.

IR is going to be ripped apart.

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