Astrology of the Islamic Republic of Iran this Summer of 2006

Astrology of the Islamic Republic of Iran this Summer of 2006

I think that NYT is right when it asks in What Counts on Iran:
Many other countries with exactly the same legal right to enrichment and reprocessing have wisely chosen not to engage in those problematic activities.
After all what is so special about what the Islamists want to do, that no one in the world has not thought of before?

The answer is that there is nothing that special. Fact is that the Islamists have an agenda. Something silly related to some 12th King of the Shiites that is going to reappear....yadadada. But most of this agenda will fall apart, as there are other much more powerful forces at play.

We now have one event which has not actually happened to the Islamic Republic, since its inception, and that is the movement of Saturn over its Jupiter and Moon and Mars transiting over its Jupiter.

The Islamist Republic is going to be torn apart by forces as Mars and Saturn transit over the natal Jupiter and Moon, and later oppose the natal Mars Sun and Mercury. The temperature will really start to rise, from 13th when Mars is 10 degrees from the natal Mars opposition. By the 1st of July it will be exact opposition, and most of the heat will be on in the first ten days of July, especially with the square to Uranus.

And the movement of Mars does not end there. It will then approach Saturn in August, when we will see the very statehood of the Islamic Republic, with its petty regimentedness come into question, as Mars transits the Saturn in Virgo of IR.

So in final analysis, it is quite clear, that there is a lot of changes just beginning for the Islamists, and the world better not make any agreements with them until the summer is over.

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