Astrology of: Ahmadinejad wins Iran presidential vote

Astrology of: Ahmadinejad wins Iran presidential vote

So that's it, we have the official announcement. Dr Ahmadinejad is the winner with much less than a third of the voting population. His mandate is weak, and he will be a stepping stone for major changes ahead.

Anyway forget that. Let's look at the astrology of the moment. Remember that Moon Neptune conjunction, and the ascendant. Well I make the ascendant 12 degrees Gemini, and the MC as 22 degrees Aquarius. For Iranian readers, please note that 22 Aquarius will automatically connect to the 22 Bahman, which was when the Islamic Republic declared. Where does the Moon Neptune conjunction fall? It falls in the 9th house of theocracy. Absolutely brilliant. And they are close to the MC. So it fits the picture. Good. But more importantly, the Gemini ascendant shows two nations. And Iran has an Islamic state within an Iranian state. This is a matter of fact. The country is seriously divided now.

Astrologers will look at these charts to see where the forces of change are. In charts like these, we look at the 4th house and its ruler, to see how the opposition stands. The opposition does well, with the 4th house being under the sign of Leo, and the Sun is exhalted in the first house. It shows power of the opposition King.

Now let's look at the other parts of the chart. There is a stellum of Venus, Mercury and Saturn. Venus represents the underworld, as it rules the 12th, Mercury rules the children and the King; that are all feeling stressed by Saturn the ruler of loans and regeneration, together in the 2nd house of money, and very close to the 3rd house. In simple English, it means that economically the underworld controls the wealth of the nation, and the fact that Saturn is in the second house with Venus and those elected, it means that they are going to be under a lot of financial stress. The economic situation of the Islamic Republic will be under a lot of stress. Expect massive outflows of funds. No one will invest in Iran now.

On the positive side, Jupiter is helping the elected to export, as Jupiter makes great aspect to both the theocratic idealism and the elected. But these exporters are at odds with Mars in the house of politics. This to me is Ahmadinejad. He is the Mars in the 11th house of politics, as he represents the military (associated with Mars). To make it perfect, both the exporters, and the new military ruler, are at odds with the Sun that represents the opposition. The chart has a stellun of Mercury Venus and Saturn in the 2nd and near the 3rd, that make a quintile or a royal connection to the exporters. So the stress that will be created will connect in a regal way, to connect to the moralily as expressed by Jupiter in the 5th house. The quintiles in the chart are the saviours of the chart, but it is not going to be easy for Iranians to link to that. The current situation shows two nations, and they are odds to each other. Once that situation has blown itself apart, will the opposition be able to reconcile the whole nation, as expressed by the Sun (the King in opposition) in the chart.

So what's the use of all this astrological crap if we do not have some timings eh? Well things will trigger when you get stress. The stress points are opposition to the Moon Neptune. Whenever any planet moves midway through the fixed signs, there will be trouble. The next planet to do that will be the Sun and later Mars in the coming months. But the main changes will come once Saturn starts to oppose Neptune and Moon at 8 degree Leo. That will happen in September and October this year, and then we will have to wait until this time next year for it to really oppose Neptune. By this time next year the fragile pathetic rule of Ahmadinejad will crumble under the dire economic situations. Only then will the people be able to realise; that Republics do not work, much less a theocratic one; that the people of Iran need a secular democratic Kingdom; to keep nationalism, politics, and religion, well apart from each other, so that no one can abuse the system ever again.

Ahmadinejad wins Iran presidential vote

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