Mars forcing the Islamists to act

Mars forcing the Islamists to act

How many times have we heard this:
'Tehran will give the final answer to the Iran-Six proposals in August,' said Hamid Reza Asefi, Iranian Foreign Ministry official spokesman.
and this pressure is on the Islamists chart for Iran. The chart was created on 22 Bahman in 1979. Now Mars is 21 Mordad today. So there is tension, and it has been building up to a crescendo everytime the Moon makes a square to this around mid week or Wednesdays. Now the Islamists can bury their heads in the sand, and hope that it will all blow over, but there is an even tougher transit of Saturn on the way. Saturn is at 11 degress Mordad or Leo. It moves slowly, and it will get to 15 degrees, and the Moon will make the opposition on Wednesday 9 August. So Mr Ahmadinejad is actually helping the situation by dragging his feet. Expect more problems for them as planets make squares to Saturn until next Spring. That particular date August 22 that he has mentioned has Mercury and Moon with Saturn opposite the Islamists natal chart. He really is Ahmagh!

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