Jack Straw snookered by Iran's Islamists

Jack Straw snookered by Iran's Islamists

Jack Straw says Iran's U.N. speech 'disappointing', because the Islamists in Iran have now removed the 'half-way house', which existed for a couple of years, when the enrichment freeze was on. EU felt that it was in charge; Straw and Fischer got a lot of limelight, as they insisted that they could negotiate something.

But now the Islamist neocons and their US neocons have created the venue for a bitter clash, and the EU have been well and truly snookered. The Islamists do not need brokers. That is great, as I always found that the EU-3 were always apologising on behalf of the xenophobic Islamists.

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As if the Islamist fascists in Iran have ever wanted to instill confidence. All they have done was to raise suspicion, and make Iran a pariah state, by playing into the hands of the neocons in USA. But these Islamists/Hezbollah (Hizbollah) fanatics see...

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This only goes to prove the premise; that the Islamists in Iran knew that they are badly snookered; that they cannot break the unity and resolve of the world against them stealing the secular Iranian people's oil wealth; and that they are using it...

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