Hezbollah's hate, made in Iran

Hezbollah's hate, made in Iran

Good summary on Hezbollah (Party of God) and its roots in Iran's Islamists. Please note that Iranians and Islamists in Iran are not the same. Iranians are part of a much deeper more peaceful ancient humanitarian philosophy. Iranians identify with Cyrus the Great and his Declaration of Human Rights that released the Jews from captivity.

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- If Pressure Continues, Iran's Islamist Dictators Can Change Mind On Npt
As if the Islamist fascists in Iran have ever wanted to instill confidence. All they have done was to raise suspicion, and make Iran a pariah state, by playing into the hands of the neocons in USA. But these Islamists/Hezbollah (Hizbollah) fanatics see...

- One Word Said ... A Million Words Unsaid
For so long, the intelligent Iranians, who know how incapable and stupid the Islamists' doctrine and mentality is, have said, we would get to this situation, where Russia, China Block UN Iran Statement. So it is not the Islamists, who have "divine...

- Iranians Are Not Islamists
The article Mullahs of Iran battle mullahs of Washington pretty much sums up all the mistakes of your average secular anti-US anti mullah political point of view. There are loads of people, who do not like the warmongering attitude of Bush or Ahmadinejad....

- Dream On Khamenei - Why No One Will Vote In Iran.
Ali Khamanei thinks that he can scare the people of Iran to vote. What he does not realise is that the people of Iran have been waiting for this moment in their history, to give the clerical establishment a resounding no vote. The people of Iran cannot,...

- Cfr Publications: Freedom And Justice In The Modern Middle East
One of the reasons why the world has the wrong view of Iran, is that professors of Princeton University have for so long praised Islamic Iran. Can someone tell Bernard Lewis and Co, to look at Iranians as sons of Zoroaster and Cyrus the Great. The roots...