Are Zoroastrians on the endangered list?

Are Zoroastrians on the endangered list?

In Zoroastrians on the endangered list: It states:
"'They feel that the religion is not universal and is ethnic in nature, and that it should be kept within the tribe,' said Jehan Bagli, a retired chemist in Toronto who is a priest, or mobed, and president of the North American Mobed Council, which includes about 100 priests."
Well that is true and yet very untrue.

My ancestors like many Iranians were forced to by Salman Parsi to convert, just like he did from the faith of Iran (called Zoroastrianism by the Semitic religions). In fact Iranians never called themselves Zoroastrian. They referred to the Wisdom as the Truth and Life as the material representation of the twin forces that shape everything. It is actually the root of logic, and you do not need to be an electrical engineer to know the concept of positive and negative and the resultant current flow, to understand the meaning.

And so it is that every now and then we get articles like this popping up, and the author has no idea of what is really happening in Iran. Funnily enough I just read this article, where the correspondent is confused about what is really happening to Iran.

I'll tell you what is happening in Iran. The country has found freedom and knows that this perverted belief from Qom is wrong, and that there are far better ones of our own from Yazd. The youth of Iran all know what the real Iran is, and that they have all taken Zoroastrianism on board. The problem we have at the moment though, is that the gun slingers in Jamaran are far too ready to wipe out the Zoroastrian folk in Yazd if one Iranian converts in Iran. So no one mentions that they are Zoroastrian. Wait for the Islamists to go, and you will have 60 million Zoroastrians over night.

Iranian have converted in their minds to the more personal secular philosophy of Old Iran, that the world now knows are Zoroastrianism. The Iranians abroad have actually converted explicitly like me, even though I have not changed my name. Why should I my mum gave it to me. She still believes in Islam but not the way Qom does. Iranians actually do not really know what they believe in. They all mostly in a modern form of Islam, which has nothing to do with the original. That is why the die-hards are clamping down so much.

So a new Iran with an Iranian philosophy exists in the mind of modern Iranians. And dare a westerner tell me that it is western. It is not. In fact it was the Iranian dualistic existentialism that was at the heart of modern secular movements from Hegel to Nietzsche. Hegel writes about Zurvana Akrana and we all know about Nietzsche's Also Sprach Zarathushtra don't we.

So Iran is exploding, and no one, especially the western press or the Islamist can do anything about it. The new Iran will completely change the history of the world, as it will lay claim to many of the philosophies that we righteously born in Iran and then leaked out to the west and east.

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