Astrology Report: 26-29 April 2012 Moon in Cancer or Tir

Astrology Report: 26-29 April 2012 Moon in Cancer or Tir

The Moon is still in the last few degrees of Gemini. Tomorrow it will enter Cancer. What that means is that the mood is for feeling what it means to understand the sensitive side of life.

If you know the time of your birth then you can find out which areas in life you are very sensitive to. It will be areas where you need to grow and mature into on your own. You will feel vunerable and emotional about. Your family would be involved.

But there are patterns to come in the next few days that will apply to all. We have in the next 12 hours the Moon making some awkward angles to the all too familiar Uranus and Pluto. These two have forced us to really reevaluate our individualism and our social status. And so we will need to look at our heritage and our loved ones. It all comes to a quick boil.

Ironically there isn't much else to say after this period. The next couple of days are fairly chilled out scenarios where you will just need to be close to your home, family and the past. Read Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, and adjust any imbalances on Saturday as the Moon makes a challenge to Saturn.

Sorry no videos or razzamatazz this time but here is some educational videos on the Moon.

And how small we are in the universe:

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