Personalities behind the signs

Personalities behind the signs

Ingrid Bergman, a Virgo
Often when we discuss astrology it seems abstract and intangible.  We discuss energies, aspects, and houses as if these were real objects.  However, the best way to describe each of the signs is to show you the signs in action.  I chose a personality and video for each of the 12 signs.

Aries--Ravi Shankar (Sitar Player & Promoter of Indian Classical Music/India)

Taurus--Audrey Hepburn (Actress)

Gemini--Bob Dylan (Singer-Songwriter/American)

Cancer--Princess Diana (Royalty/British)

Leo--Robert Redford (Acto/American)

Virgo--Ingrid Bergman (Actress/Swedish)

Libra--Marcello Mastroianni (Actor/Italian)

Scorpio--Grace Kelly (Actress/American)

Sagittarius--Jimi Hendrix (Musician/American)

Capricorn--Marlene Dietrich (Actress/German)

Aquarius--Geena Davis (Actress/American)

Pisces--Claude Jutra (Filmmaker/Quebec/Canada)

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