December 16 - 22--Solstice, Changes, Transformation...

December 16 - 22--Solstice, Changes, Transformation...

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As we move through the month of December, we reach a time period of many changes.  On December 16, Mars moved into Libra and we feel the shift from fix-it energy to needing to get our lives and our emotions in balance.  And during the Mars in Libra transit (with a retrograde last until July 25, 2014), this is a good time to heal resentment, anger and the reasons why we attract hostility from others.

On the 17th, we experience two events, the Full Moon at 25 degrees Gemini and Uranus going direct at 8 degrees Aries.  Uranus has been at 8 degrees for several weeks already, but now we feel the impact of the direct movement.  Let me give you an example of how these two events are playing out in my life at this moment.  The Full Moon conjuncts my Venus with a 3 degree orb in my 6th House and I work from home.  Uranus at 8 degrees Aries is 2 degrees away from my Fourth House cusps (in the house) and so with Uranus going direct at this degree (also squaring my Sun in my 7th House and AC), I expected some disruption in the home. And sure enough, unexpected construction (with plumbing pipes, digging, tree removal) is occurring outside my window as I type this.

For the rest of you, find out where 25 degrees Gemini and 8 degrees Aries fall in your natal chart.  And watch for events in your life around communication and flexibility (Gemini) and disruption (Uranus) are occurring.  Look for natal planets at or near these degrees and observe the energy of these planets which will give you direction of dealing with what comes up.  Do you need to pay attention to your health? Did you have an unexpected expense show up right before the holidays? What's happening in your household or your place of employment? We can never predict a Uranus transit, but we need to stay open to change.  On one hand, Uranus helps us get unblocked and unstuck, but not usually in a matter that is comfortable to us.

For instance we might feel stuck in a relationship, but don't have the will to do anything about it.  So Uranus comes along and throws us a curve ball such as our partner suddenly announcing he or she wants to leave the relationship.  Or we might feel stuck at a job which we only do for security reasons and nothing more, and we find ourselves with a pink slip towards the end of the year.  While these things might seem tragic and frightening on the surface, they liberate us so we can follow our true soul path.  Sometimes these surprises are answers to prayers we forgot we made.  Patience is needed at this time and a flexible mind.  You develop a flexible mind through meditation.  I recommend meditation and breathing exercises.

On December 21, we celebrate the Solstice as the Sun moves into Capricorn, thus joining all the other planets in Cardinal Signs (Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, Venus and Mars).  See where you have Capricorn in your natal chart and this is the area of your life that will light up for the next few weeks with Venus staying in Capricorn until March 7th, 2014.  Look for where you have Libra on the cusps and that's where Mars brings balance to your life, but through trial and error, especially if that area of your life has been out of balance for some time. Mars will bring you peace of mind if you allow this balance to occur and stop resisting it.

Finally, Venus turns retrograde on the 21st, on the Solstice and so we will revisit issues around relationships, authority, our sexuality, attraction, beauty, health, our bodies, our diets, and our self-love during this retrograde period and then again when Venus goes direct over the same degrees.  Do you honor yourself and your needs? Do you put other people first before your needs then resent these people? How is your health holding up? How can you bring discipline to diet, exercise and taking better care of your body, especially your skin, bones and connective tissue (Capricorn)? How can you transform the structure of your life at this time to reflect self-honoring? If you don't take care of yourself, no one else will care either.

The house where you have Capricorn on the cusps is going to see a lot of action with Pluto spending the longest time there and the personal planets making rapid transits, almost punctuating themes of that house to grab your attention especially when any of these faster moving planets conjunct Pluto and oppose Jupiter (Cancer).  Pay attention to these transits during this time because you can review the structures in your life and practice self-honesty.

This stellium comes at the right time as the planets have perfect timing.  Issues that come up now, come up strongly and for good reasons.  Don't brush events, confrontations and circumstances underneath the carpet.  This is the time to rip out the carpet metaphorically speaking or maybe even literally.  Stop hiding from yourself and empower yourself by paying attention to your inner authority and innate wisdom.  You might feel time slipping away or that you are wallowing in timelessness now with all those planets in Capricorn and some of them aspecting Neptune in Pisces.

The best holiday gift you can give to yourself and others now, is to leave denial in the dust and face up to your life circumstances and take small steps towards improvement.  Restructure your lives now.  Capricorn will help you do this.  And it will feel like you are climbing a steep mountain, but you are surefooted and you have the wisdom of the sages to protect your back and encourage you to take the next step.  I hope you listen to these wise voices and don't curse Saturn or Capricorn.  Say good bye to fear.

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