EU, Iran talks end without deal, new meeting planned

EU, Iran talks end without deal, new meeting planned

Well they managed to do it. They wiggled out of it, and bought more time. The neos on both sides will be steaming. The extreme right wings in both the Islamic Republic and United States will get restless. I am now waiting for the "juicy news" to come from some secret source, to trigger some more "juicy news" for Fox News.

EU, Iran talks end without deal, new meeting planned

- Ahmadinejad Is 'a Blessing In Disguise' For Iran
This election fiasco was necessary. One day, when we look back at these days, we will all say, "what a blessing in disguise". We will all thank "mad ahmad" for saving ('nejat' as we say in Farsi) Iran. He will focus a definite target for all Iranians....

- No "boots On The Ground" Necessary To Boot Out The Mullah.
Only on Fox News do we get this rather PlayStation war scenario thinking. The intelligence of the generals of United States is just limited to destructive ways. The people of Iran are all against the theocracy, and have their own peaceful ways to get...

- Rowhani Complains About Slow Pace Of Eu Talks
Rowhani complains, but he states that, "the US stance towards Iran`s nuclear case has been unwise and hostile". Rowhani wants "The Americans first have to accept the base of the talks, then clarify their stances and respect the international regulations."...

- Go Betweens Making Decisions
For 26 years the Iranian people have had to put up with a bunch of zombies that will not talk to USA. The theocrats have shown that once they contact USA directly, then their legitimacy has ended. It is not as if they are the only people to benefit from...

- Iran's Nuclear Issue Receives "cold Treatment" At Iaea Meeting
Even the Chinese are realising that the Islamic Government in Iran has not managed to bluff its way against the IAEA. Xinhua - Iran's nuclear issue receives "cold treatment" at IAEA meeting...