No "boots on the ground" necessary to boot out the mullah.

No "boots on the ground" necessary to boot out the mullah.

Only on Fox News do we get this rather PlayStation war scenario thinking. The intelligence of the generals of United States is just limited to destructive ways.

The people of Iran are all against the theocracy, and have their own peaceful ways to get rid of the mullahs in the Spirit of Zoroaster and Cyrus the Great. How about reporting that news Fox News? Give more credit to the integrity of Iranian people. How about telling the world how the Iranian people are fighting and winning the moral argument against the mullahs. How about telling the world about the way no one turned out for any of the past elections, and especially the future elections.

Any attack on the Iranian soil will put all the Iranians on the side of the mullahs. A Good Thinking attitude is more important than intelligence.

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