Full Moon in Scorpio 2014: Inner and Outer Riches

Full Moon in Scorpio 2014: Inner and Outer Riches

This year?s Full Moon in Scorpio will occur on May 14, 2014 at 4:16 PM, ET. The Sun will be at 24 degrees Taurus while the Moon will be at 24 degrees Scorpio. This lunar planet will also be conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, adding an emotional (Moon) weight and seriousness (Saturn) to the themes at hand.

The reason why legend has it that Full Moons make everyone act crazy and feel out of whack is because the Sun and the Moon are always in opposing signs on a Full Moon. This makes it quite easy to feel unbalanced and the task on these days is to find the shade of grey between these opposing signs? polarities. Opposite signs, after all, have quite a few common traits and are usually just two different sides of the same coin.

On this Full Moon, we?ll be dealing with the Taurus-Scorpio polarity. I also like to call it the ?polarity of resources.? Taurus and Scorpio are both Fixed signs: strong-willed, determined, loyal to their values and loved ones. They both direct this focused Fixed sign energy toward the task of solidifying their resources. But, it?s in their different priorities and values that we see how the strength of one makes up for the weakness of another.

Taurus, being an Earth sign, is concerned with physical resources. This can simply mean money, which is so often associated with this sign. But, it?s not necessarily out of greed or materialism, though those with major planets in Taurus can definitely display these traits. It can be out of the understandable desire for financial security in an unstable world. Scorpio, however, is a Water sign and, at the end of the day, could care less about money. I find this sign?s association with money and financial careers to be rather off-base. Since Scorpio is such a do-or-die survivor and so good at control, those with personal planets here can be very good with money. But, it?s merely a means to a much bigger end. Scorpio?s resources are emotional and internal: its deeply felt emotions, uncanny hunches and insights, steely strength of will, and ability to focus unwaveringly on whatever they deem important.

Scorpio is all about passion and this Full Moon can be about rediscovering yours. It?s a sad reality that so many people sacrifice their life?s true desire when they enter the job market, all too concerned with money and their narrow ideas of building a comfortable life. This is the downside of Taurus and people who have a strong influence from this sign may especially be bogged down by patterns that make them cling obsessively to security, whether it?s a job that no longer makes them happy or a relationship that?s run its course.

If this rings too clear and loud of a bell, use this Full Moon in Scorpio to reinvigorate your life with new purpose and motivation. Scorpio is the sign of transformation and those who are strong in Scorpio energy often make sweeping life changes that would give Taurus a heart attack. Yet, Scorpio is all about digging deep, below the surface of appearances. It uses its emotional resources to find out what?s really going on, what it really feels, needs, and desires. Scorpio, at its best, is willing to sacrifice or risk conventional, Taurus-like ideas of security, because they have so much faith in their inner resources and place so much importance on the inner passions that they are obsessively driven to fulfill. In this sense, Scorpio knows how to access the most valuable kind of riches: the ones that come from the soul and can never be taken away.

The Scorpio Full Moon requires you to take a more brutally honest, fearless stock of your life and assess what needs to go. What?s dead or has lost its purpose? Can it be revived or changed? If not, be willing to transform it and, as a result, you?ll inevitably be transformed as well. Take some time on this day to do some serious introspection. Don?t be afraid to reach into yourself. Do some intense journaling or write some self-revealing poetry. The hidden corners of the psyche can be frightening or startling to most. But, not Scorpio. It knows that once this darkness is faced, it becomes a source of amazing inner strength and wisdom.

However, Scorpio could also learn a thing or two from Taurus. Scorpio-influenced people can thrive so much on intensity and the frequent turbulence of their inner depths that they forget or don?t learn how to truly ground and calm themselves. Taurus, on the other hand, is all about sweet pleasure. The less stereotypical people of this sign know how to immerse themselves in the tangibles of the present moment, pleasing their five senses with great food, sex, art, music, clothes, etc.

If you are one of those Scorpio types who just doesn?t know how to ?chill out?, or even if you don?t have this sign?s influence but are still a drama junkie, then the Full Moon can also be used to find some balance and peace. Just take some time to listen to your favorite relaxing tunes, meditate, or maybe enjoy your favorite meal in a nice, quiet atmosphere. Soak in the present moment and learn to appreciate how valuable peace and equilibrium actually is. Without it, our intensity simply drives us over the edge, instead of empowering and fulfilling us.

Taurus and Scorpio also have the distinction of being the sexiest signs, thanks to Taurus? deeply sensual experience of life and Scorpio?s need for incredible, consuming passion. Both are sultry and smoldering, in their own ways, and this Scorpio Full Moon can be used to explore into your own sexuality and gain more acceptance of it. For too long, we?ve been told that sex is forbidden or shameful or ?dirty? and it?s something that pervades so many aspects of our culture. Yet, sexuality is innately tied up with power, something Scorpio understands, and to deny it is to disempower yourself. So, dive deep (Scorpio) into this side of yourself and find the simple pleasures (Taurus) in it.

Mercury will be in Gemini on this day, which should make the general mode of communication in the air buzzier, chattier, and more restless. This may go against the grain of Scorpio?s innately private nature, but it can also help us to work out these issues we?re grappling with in the company of a trusted person. However you go about this day, take advantage of the energy in the air. Full Moons can be dramatic times, but this Scorpio Full Moon promises drama of the best kind: the start of a wonderful new chapter in your personal development.

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