New Moon in Taurus Solar Eclipse 2014: Nice and Easy

New Moon in Taurus Solar Eclipse 2014: Nice and Easy

This year's New Moon in Taurus will be an especially powerful one. It will occur on April 29, 2014 at 3:18 AM, ET, at 8 degrees Taurus. Mercury, the planet of communication, will also be in Taurus. This New Moon will simultaneously provide us with a Solar Eclipse. You will surely want to take advantage of this very potent astrological atmosphere.

But, how so? Well, the New Moon occurs when both the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign. The clear, rational function of the Sun totally aligns with the Moon's mysterious and intuitive energy. This makes it particularly easy, even effortless, for things to get done and flow in the right direction.

With the Taurus New Moon, we need to focus on the interests and concerns that fall under the sign's domain. Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign, making it the most firmly grounded sign in astrology. As it prioritizes financial resources and material possessions above most other concerns, it's gained a reputation for producing terribly greedy materialists. However, this isn't always the case. Those with a prominent Taurus influence just cannot live without practical security and comfort. It's the air they breathe. But, this might just mean never having to worry about being unable to pay their bills or having enough food in the fridge. Sounds entirely reasonable and not so "materialistic", doesn't it?

Whether you have your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Taurus or not, this New Moon should be used to solidify and augment our resources. For Taurus-influenced folks, this natural inclination will only be heightened. For the rest of us, it's something we should intentionally direct ourselves toward. This will be an ideal time to pursue or check on financial investment, assess your bank accounts, catch up on any overdue bills, and fill the pantry will all your favorite foods from the grocery store.

New Moons represent beginnings & that aspect is intensified by the Solar Eclipse. Significant changes and new events are bound to happen under a Solar Eclipse. But, Taurus - ever intent on maintaining solid ground - is anything but a fan of sudden changes. It would be best, therefore, to exact changes that aren't too dramatic or extreme. See it as a chance to ground yourself by making positive lifestyle changes, like curbing your spending habits, for example. Also, once the checkbook is balanced out, set aside some money to go out and update your wardrobe at the mall. Taurus' love of clothes should not be underestimated and buying some new ensembles or even nice jewelry would be a simple way to say 'in with the new.'

Taurus is also an extremely tactile sign and has an unpretentious yet powerful creative sreak. Take some classes in Taurus' favorite arts and crafts: pottery, painting, drawing. Develop (or unearth) your cooking skills at home. Spring is in the air and Taurus is inherently associated with gardening, so plant some flowers out in the yard.

This sign's energy is also deeply sensual, which can be great news if you're in a relationship. Immerse yourself in a hearty lovemaking session with your partner. And don't forget the romantic music and candlelights. Even if you're single, take the chance to tap into your sensual side. Taurus just isn't all about material security, after all, which is a common misconception. It's also about the inner security of self-worth and feeling thoroughly at ease in your skin. If you've got some hang-ups or negative attitudes toward your body, sexuality, or sense of self, now's the time to change them.

The potential drama that any other Solar Eclipse might pose is tempered not only by it being in Taurus, but by Venus (the planet of relating and harmony which rules Taurus) placed in pacified, compassionate Pisces and Mars (the action planet) positioned in Libra, the other Venus-ruled sign in astrology. Taurus' sister sign is equally harmonious and cautious, so Mars in Libra means that the mode of activity in the general air will be more thought out and less aggressive. A lot might get done, but things will be easy like Sunday morning. Just like Taurus wants it.  

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