Venus in Taurus

Venus in Taurus

Turn-Ons: groundedness, security, laidback vibe

Turn-Offs: unreliablity, need for drama, impracticality

Sexiest trait: comfort in their skin

Women and men with their Venus in Taurus can be as materialistic as they are unpretentious. Most likely, their style will be anything but loud and flashy. They don't make a stir with their appearance. They won't care much for labels, either. But, the quality of the material matters enormously. They love silks and fine linens and just about anything else that feels really good on their bodies. There is a definite earthiness to their sense of style. Taurus Venus can actually collect clothes in a way and will rarely throw out these prized possessions. In fact, they can easily own clothes for several years and not want to do away with them, when most people would've given them up to Goodwill ages ago.

Taurus Venus males and females' earthy, sensual quality is what makes them so attractive. They can be very sexy, but in a way that's really quiet and relaxed. Those with this position seek out people who have an equally chill aura, as they don't do drama or chaos. Practical, grounded people are their biggest turn-on. Venus in Taurus is often warm and approachable, but also rather lazy socially and romantically. They stick with the same group of friends for years and years and it takes a lot for them to move on from a relationship. Dating is not frivolous to them and it's clear, from the get-go, that they seek stability.

Famous Males: Marlon Brando, Kanye West, James Franco
Famous Females: Jessica Alba, Princess Diana, Amber Heard

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