Mars in Taurus

Mars in Taurus

Primary Motivation: to achieve stability

How Things Get Done: through patience and determination

Temper Tantrum Style: raging bull

Those with a Taurus Mars are relentless when it comes to their goals, but in a quiet and sure-footed manner. They don?t make a lot of noise about their achievements or accomplishments, even though they manage to get just about anything they?re after. Whenever a goal is made, it?s stuck to by these men and women. This is because they have a strong desire for stability in their lives. Wanting to feel like their feet are on solid ground allows them to be very firm and practical when it comes to their plans and goals. They are very good at handling all the pragmatic aspects of their lives: building assets, spending wisely, saving for a rainy day. Mars in Taurus can be extremely hard working and has a stubborn will that should not be underestimated as they will never budge in their pursuits.

There is also, though, a downright self-indulgent and lazy side to Taurus Mars males and females. It can be a wonder that this couch potato can turn into such a steamroller when they want to. Like the tortoise in that famous story, they have the gift of the long breath and can easily outdo their competitors simply by taking their time and conserving their energy. Since they?re deeply sensual, they prefer to take their sweet time in the bedroom, too. These folks want to savor every single moment of the experience. It?s typically rare to see them get mad, but the best way to push their buttons is to pressure them and try to push them off course. Usually, they see big displays of temper as a waste of energy. But, if pushed too far, watch out. They?re just as bad as a bull in a china shop. 

Famous Females: Janet Jackson, Jessica Alba, Keira Knightley
Famous Males: Mick Jagger, Chuck Norris, Stephen Colbert

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